Cody, Metro City’s New Mayor, punches his way in to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on June 26!

May 28, 2018 // Andy Wong

Cody Travers has served his time behind bars, but has now become the new mayor of Metro City. Although quite busy with his everyday duties, he will arrive in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on June 26!


We’re celebrating the return of Cody by hosting a free trial for two days, starting on June 25 at around 5pm PT, where all players can meet the mayor for free. The free trial will end on June 27 at 5pm PT, so make sure to clear up some room on your calendar.

During this time, you’ll be able to play Cody in Ranked and Casual Matches, Battle Lounges, Demonstrations, Trials, and Training Mode. Other modes like Arcade and Story will not be playable with the mayor. 

Important Notice: Any EXP and Fight Money you earn with Cody during this time will disappear on when the free trial ends. However, if you purchase Cody any time afterwards, the earned EXP and Fight Money will automatically be credited towards your account. If you purchase the Season 3 Character Pass during this free period, the EXP and Fight Money will not disappear. Cody will be purchasable individually during the free trial.

Hailing from the beat-em-up series Final Fight – where Zeku’s pupil Guy was also introduced – Cody first appeared in the Street Fighter series in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Unable to adapt to the peace, Cody was repeatedly thrown into prison – or returned voluntarily – after causing havoc in the streets by fighting through any conflict he could find. He casually broke out of prison in Super Street Fighter IV to search for a cure for his boredom, but ultimately returned by his own free will. In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Mike Haggar exonerates Cody of his crimes, which leads to him being the new mayor of Metro City. Though he constantly complains, Cody secretly finds a glimmer of joy in his new position. However, this doesn’t ultimately stop him from solving problems with his bare hands, knives, or pipes…

Cody’s move set in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition resembles that of his previous appearances, but altered to fit his new spiffy style. When not in V-Trigger, Cody can no longer throw rocks as a projectile or unleash a Criminal Upper like before. Instead, Cody now has Tornado Sweep, which sees him shooting a swirling gust of wind like a traditional fireball.Cody still has Ruffian Kick and Zonk Knuckle as special moves. In addition, he now has a few target combos.

V-Skill – Double Kick

A move from Final Fight, Cody quickly jumps straight up and performs two kicks in the air to both sides. Double Kick can be used as an effective anti-air and in certain situations, it can also end a combo.

V-Trigger I – Sidearm

In this two-block V-Trigger, Cody pulls out his signature knife. Sidearm increases the range on Cody’s normal punches, which also become safer on block while he’s holding the knife. He can also throw the knife by pressing HP+HK again straight at the opponent or at an upwards angle as an anti-air. After throwing the knife, Cody can then pull out his knife again by pressing HP+HK while V-Trigger I is active.

Cody also gains the Rapid Fire special move, which sees him slashing multiple times and is a great combo ender. Even if V-Trigger I’s duration ends, if Cody is still holding the knife, he’ll continue holding on to it until he either throws it or hits the opponent.

V-Trigger II – Dirty Coach

In this two-block V-Trigger, Cody is armed with his trusty pipe. With the pipe in hand, the range on Cody’s HPs are drastically increased. He also channels his inner baseball player and gains Gentle Swing by pressing HP+HK again or Gentle Upper Swing, the anti-air version.

If you’re wondering where Cody’s rocks went, they’re implemented into this V-Trigger! During V-Trigger II, Cody can use Bean Ball, which sees him tossing a rock in front of him. Though the rock has a hitbox if tossed on its own, Cody can follow up by hitting it with Gentle Swing with varying results. Depending on the timing, the rock will either hit the opponent from the air at a slight arc, smash straight into the opponent for multiple hits, or roll towards the opponent’s feet. Furthermore, if Cody follows up with Gentle Upper Swing, the rock will go flying off screen and eventually land a set distance depending on the punch button that was used.

Though Cody does lose access to Tornado Sweep with the pipe in hand, he does gain the ability to cancel some of his special moves into Gentle Swing. Much like the knife, Cody will hold on to the pipe after V-Trigger II ends until he hits the opponent with it or if the opponent blocks the hit.

Critical Art – Criminal Punisher

Cody harnesses his past behind bars and unleashes a devastating tornado reminiscent of Criminal Upper from previous games.

Cody will be available individually for MSRP $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money OR as part of the Season 3 Character Pass for MSRP $29.99, which unlocks Sakura, Blanka, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat as they become available. If you purchase Cody as part of the Season 3 Character Pass or with real money, you will also get his Battle Costume with colors 3-10 and default costume colors 3-10.

Take a look at Cody’s Story Costume, which pays homage to the previous mayor of Metro City.

Cody might wear this dashing Battle Costume during the many events he must attend as a mayor.

Get a reminder of Cody’s jailbird past with his Nostalgia Costume that can be altered with the special code to reveal a tank top underneath and the sleeves of his prison outfit tied at his waist.

Go further back into the past for Cody’s first appearance in Final Fight with this simple costume that can also be altered with the special code to reflect the aftermath of a street fight.

Cody will be available on June 26, but will be playable at E3 2018 at Capcom’s booth (South Hall, #2223), so stop on by to play the ex-convict! We’ll be over halfway done with Season 3, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to stay up to date on all things Street Fighter !