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Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium Slams Down 32 More Arcade Classics, Out Now!

Jul 22, 2022 // Kellen Haney

Get ready to bust ‘bots, slay dragons, and go for the 3-count in Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium, a collection of 32 arcade classics available…


Pre-order Capcom Fighting Collection Now!

Apr 11, 2022 // Andy Wong

Calling all gem-crashing fans, moonlight-loving night warriors, and full metal fighters! Capcom Fighting Collection launches on June 24, a…


Leave Your Legacy with Street Fighter V’s Definitive Update

Mar 29, 2022 // Andy Wong

Get ready for battle balance changes, new screen filters, tracksuit colors, and CAP-JAMS background tracks, and more!


Exoprimal unleashes a battle of the ages in 2023!

Mar 09, 2022 // Kellen Haney

Teams of five players in futuristic Exosuits clash with swarms of unyielding beasts from the distant past in Exoprimal, a brand-new IP fro…


Capcom Fighting Collection throws down with a 10 game anthology!

Feb 21, 2022 // Kellen Haney

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! It’s time to throw hands, drop gems, cast spells, and crush ‘bots! Capcom Fighting Collection features 10…


Luke, Street Fighter V’s Final Character, has Entered the Ring!

Nov 29, 2021 // Dan

Street Fighter V’s final character has arrived, bringing with him an offensive playstyle and unique mechanics never seen before in S…


Street Fighter’s Future is Here: Meet Luke

Nov 23, 2021 // Dan

Hey there, fighters! Over a year ago in the summer of 2020, we set out to improve communication with the Street Fighter V community. Since…


A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Creation of the Street Fighter x BCRF …

Nov 10, 2021 // Dan

In October, we released the Street Fighter x BCRF pink-themed costumes in Street Fighter V for our partnership with the Breast Ca…


Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021: Oro, Akira, and the Reveal of the…

Aug 03, 2021 // Dan

With the summer heat comes hot news with SFV Summer Update 2021! It’s hard to believe that last year we began our journey into Season 5 …


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is Available Now!

Jul 27, 2021 // Kellen Haney

The day has finally arrived. Steel your resolve and prepare for adventure, because Ryunosuke Naruhodo is about to step into a Western courtroom for…


The Adventures and Resolve of Music Creation

Jul 21, 2021 // Janet Hsu

Hi, everyone! My name is Yasumasa Kitagawa and I’m the music director and lead composer for The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. I’m thr…


Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection is available now for PlayStation 4, X…

Jun 01, 2021 // Kellen Haney

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Resurrection is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam, and Nintendo Switch! The valiant knight Arthur return…