Street Fighter’s Future is Here: Meet Luke

Nov 23, 2021 // Dan

Hey there, fighters! Over a year ago in the summer of 2020, we set out to improve communication with the Street Fighter V community. Since then, we’ve hosted four digital events delving into upcoming Street Fighter V content. The SFV Fall Update marks our fifth and final digital event focused on SFV, culminating with a deep dive into Luke, the game’sfinal character. Luke will be a major part of the next Street Fighter project, so we hope you are excited to get your hands on him. While we’re not quite ready to speak about that project just yet, we have plenty of details to share about Luke in SFV, our collaboration with Brawlhalla, and Capcom Cup VIII!

Catch the full SFV Fall Update here:

Luke is Amped and Ready to Go in SFV!

We kicked off the SFV Fall Update with a preview of Luke’s story. SFV’s newest character experiences a dramatic childhood event involving his father that inspires him to become a fighter and join the military.

During Luke’s military service, he runs into a familiar face. We won’t spoil too much more here, so be sure to play Luke’s Character Story to learn more!

Luke Keeps on the Offense
Luke’s fighting style is geared around forward moving attacks that keep the pressure on. All three of his normal punches propel Luke forward, allowing him to quickly close distances. Luke also has two target combos: “Triple Impact” (LP -> MP -> HP) and “Snapback Combo,” (MP x4).

Luke’s target combos are great for dealing solid damage

Luke has an arsenal of special moves to close in safely and create offensive opportunities. His go-to zoning tool is a mid-to-long range projectile called “Sand Blaster” that shoots energy from his hands. “Rising Rocket,” Luke’s trusty anti-air attack, launches him upwards to strike opponents.

Use “Sand Blaster” to zone out your opponents.
Luke’s anti-air, “Rising Rocket,” checks opponents who frequently jump.

Luke also has a forward-moving command dash called “Avenger.” This maneuver can be used in combos and allows him cover more ground. “Avenger” has two follow ups. Pressing a punch button following “Avenger” executes “No Chaser,” a shoulder charge that can be used in combos.

“No Chaser” executes a forward charge at his opponents.

Meanwhile, pressing a kick button after executing “Avenger” will have Luke use “Impaler,” a mid-range overhead kick that can catch crouching opponents.

“Impaler” hits overhead and is great for surprising opponents.

“Flash Knuckle” is Luke’s go-to combo starter and extender. Each punch leads to a different forward-moving attack. LP moves slightly forward, MP moves a bit further, and HP will go nearly half-screen.

Each “Flash Knuckle” executes a different punch and goes a set distance forward.

Holding a punch button when using “Flash Knuckle” gives it different properties, depending on the button pressed. Charge them up and experiment with each one to find which best fits your combo style.

A New Kind of V-System

Luke’s V-System has some unique aspects compared to the rest of the SFV cast, especially with his V-Triggers. For his V-Skills, Luke can either play a more in-your-face style or make some hard reads and predict opponent’s throws and command grabs.

Luke’s V-Skill I, “Hard Shot,” powers up his “Flash Knuckle” move, allowing him to use the charged version of the attack without holding the button down. Charging a “Hard Shot” enhanced “Flash Knuckle” can lead to even more devastating damage and more combo options.

Use “Hard Shot” and flex on your opponents…
and unleash a more powerful “Flash Knuckle!”

V-Skill II, “Suppressor,” has Luke take a back step before executing a close-range body blow. With proper timing, this move can excel against throws and command grabs. Utilize it to keep pressure on your opponents or when you notice them throwing a lot.

Counter throws and command grabs with “Suppressor”

When it comes to V-Triggers, Luke’s are quite special. Both V-Triggers cause his V-Gauge to become a timer that continuously fills in a neutral state. Additionally, in a first for SFV V-Triggers, Luke can gain V-Timer by doing damage. Conversely, he loses V-Timer when taking damage or using his V-Trigger-specific moves. This also forces opponents to approach and prevent Luke from maintaining a filled V-Timer. V-Trigger I, “Fully Armed,” gives Luke access to two new moves, which we revealed during the SFV Summer Update 2021. Pressing HP+HK after activation throws out three long range projectiles similar to “Sand Blaster” called “Rock Smasher.”

“Rock Smasher” lets Luke throw out 3 long range projectiles.

If you press HP+HK after an EX “Sand Blaster” while “Fully Armed” is active, the screen will slow down and Luke will throw out a flurry of impactful projectiles in quick succession called “Thermobaric Thrash.” This move adds tons of damage, but is also resource heavy. So make sure you have EX-meter for that EX “Sand Blaster!”

“Thermobaric Thrash” dishes out heavy damage but can only be used after EX “Sand Blaster.”

Luke’s V-Trigger II, “Vanguard,” lets him cancel Flash Knuckle” into another of a different strength. This opens up previously unavailable combo paths, allowing Luke to double up on “Flash Knuckles” in his combos. This V-Trigger synergizes well with V-Skill I, “Hard Shot,” allowing Luke to chain together powered up “Flash Knuckles!”

“Vanguard” can string together “Flash Knuckles” for more damage and extended combos!

Luke is fully armed and ready to enter the ring on November 29th with additional costumes. Get yourself ready by picking up the Season 5 Character or Premium Pass! 

The Capcom Cup Returns

Capcom Cup is back with Capcom Cup VIII! The exciting announcement revealed that there will be Exhibition Matches, Last Chance Qualifiers, and the Street Fighter League Finals! More info on all this is coming soon, so stay tuned to the Capcom Fighters channels for updates.

Brawlhalla x Street Fighter

Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma have entered the Grand Tournament and are ready to throw down with the Legends of Brawlhalla! Play as classic characters from Street Fighter to K.O. your opponents while utilizing weapons and familiar moves in a new setting!

To commemorate the collaboration, there is a new Game Mode in Brawlhalla called “Street Brawl,” where players will fight Street Fighter-style with health bars on a 2-D setting. There’s also a new map added based on Ryu’s stage Suzaku Castle. Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma are all available now in Brawlhalla as Epic Crossovers, so be sure to pick them up as well as all the extra goodies including avatars, a K.O. effect, and more!

You can download and play Brawlhalla for free at brawlhalla.com/play.

SFV Sales and Free Trial

To help celebrate Luke’s launch, there are SFV discounts available as well as a Free Trial on PlayStation 4 through November 29 that grants access to all characters from Seasons 1-4.

Get the following content at a discount (PS4) | (Steam):

  • Street Fighter V 60% off
  • SFV: Champion Edition up to 35% off
  • SFVCE Upgrade Kit 40% off

And that wraps up our final SFV digital update event! Thanks to everyone who tuned in to the SFV Fall Update, and every other update we released since Summer 2020. We would not be where we are today without you, the players, who have given us continued support. We’ve been watching everyone’s reactions to the announcements and are thankful for your passion for Street Fighter.

Although Luke brings an end to our SFV digital updates and character releases, we’ll continue to support SFV in the future. After Luke’s released, our next SFV update will be the Battle Balance update and CPT 2022 bundle coming in March 2022. We hope you’ll enjoy Luke in SFV and you can look forward to seeing more of him in the next Street Fighter project. We’ll be back next year with more Street Fighter news!