Worlds of Capcom Fan Art Contest: Entry #3 – SonicZH

Jul 29, 2010 // jgonzo

Now that Comic-Con is behind us, we can finally start showing off all the awesome fan art that we received for the Worlds of Capcom Fan Art Contest! I’m posting these in order that I received them. If you do not want your art spotlighted, please let me know via PM! Judges will decide the winner after all art pieces have been posted!

Today’s entry comes to us from Capcom Unity member SonicZH! His incredibly piece of art is actually a fan made Mega Man Vs. Street Fighter video game that he programmed himself! You can watch the complete walkthrough in the video above! I actually got a chance to play this (SonicZH says he is working on completing the game)and it’s incredibly fun! I love the showdown with Ryu at the end. Good work!

Hit the jump for community comments + another video!

snow: That Ryu boss battle was amazing! When he did that Super I ROFL’d.

s-kill: This was merely pretty great until the boss fight, at which point my awesome-detector was totally blown out. Close up on the Ryu super? Hurricane kick that deflects megabuster? Fierce shoryuken that doesn’t hit? It’s all way too perfect.

jgonzo: I already told you all how much I like this! Now get off my lawn!