Street Fighter V Summer Update 2021: Oro, Akira, and the Reveal of the Final Character!

Aug 03, 2021 // Dan

With the summer heat comes hot news with SFV Summer Update 2021! It’s hard to believe that last year we began our journey into Season 5 of Street Fighter V and now we’re reaching its end! We’ll soon be releasing Oro and Akira, and after that our fifth and final character, Luke! For now, let’s recap the news from our Summer Update event.

If you’ve missed the live stream and want to see all the action for yourselves, join SFV Director Takayuki Nakayama and Producer Shuhei Matsumoto as they dive deeper into all the reveals here:

Oro, the Hermit, comes out of his shell!

Returning from the Street Fighter III series, the wandering hermit is set to show these young kids how it’s done. Oro’s playstyle in SFIII has allowed for a variety of gameplay strategies and his SFV iteration is no different. We’ve gone over Oro before, in the SFV Spring Update, so check out that blog for a refresh of Oro’s moveset. We’ll briefly cover some more in-depth details here.

Oro’s V-System: Something Old, Something New, and Eyes Turned Blue

Oro’s V-Skills and V-Triggers are a combination of older moves from SFIII, as well as brand new moves that give Oro a variety of options for attacking his opponents. His V-Skill I, “Onibi,” is a bouncing orb projectile reminiscent of his “Yagyodama” Super Art from SFIII. This orb can bounce at three different trajectories depending on the direction held when activated and it can negate opponent’s projectiles.

Pro tip fromDirector Takayuki Nakayama: “The best time to activate ‘Onibi’ would be after knocking back the opponent with the heavy version of ‘Tsuranekeashi’ or the EX Version of ‘Nichirin Sho’, which is another projectile that chases after the opponent and is hard to avoid.”

Get the most mileage from “Onibi” after throwing a projectile or a knockdown!

Oro’s V-Skill II is “Minomushi,” a short hop that can be canceled off of normals and has two different follow-up attacks. The punch follow-up, “Kaki Otoshi,” is an overhead. The kick, “Eda Uchi,” is a move that closes the distance and is difficult for opponents to punish on block if you hit them with the edge of the attack.

“Kaki Otoshi” hits overhead and can lead to a combo!
“Eda Uchi” closes the distance.

With Oro’s V-Trigger I “Manrikitan,” his eyes burn blue and give him access to his command grab “Kishinriki” on the ground and “Kishin Kuchu Jigoku Gurama” in the air.

With his eyes glowing blue…
snatch your opponents on the ground…
…or in the air!

Oro’s “Tengu Stone,” also makes a return as his V-Trigger II. Oro pulls in three objects above his head that can create combos that weren’t possible before. Random rare objects, such as Sean’s Basketball or Blanka-chan, will add some extra damage or stun depending on which item you get.

A variety of different items appear with “Tengu Stone!”

If you hold Down while activating his V-Trigger, Oro will produce five objects instead of three. This move is called “Tengu Midare Stone,” and will drain the V-Gauge much faster… but it also opens up even more combo possibilities.

“Tengu Midare Stone” summons five objects!

With “Tengu Midare Stone” included, all of Oro’s classic and secret moves have been incorporated into SFV, with even new hidden techniques added to the mix! All the while, he keeps his turtle friend safe in his opposite hand, maintaining his “one armed” style of fighting. Sometimes he’ll have the turtle levitate or balanced atop his head though…

Hey Oro! Look up, buddy!

We hope you’re all excited to play Oro when he releases on August 16!

Akira Kazama rides into Street Fighter V along with her brother Daigo!

New to the world of Street Fighter, Akira Kazama got her start in the fighting game world in the Rival Schools series, which debuted in 1997. The original game was a one-on-one style fighting game where players could call in teammates as assist characters.

In SFV, Akira calls upon the help of her older brother Daigo as her V-Trigger assist, similar to that of Rival Schools. Her playstyle is best when she’s up-close and personal, although she also has a few long range moves that can help keep opponents at bay. Let’s dive deeper into her moves.

Akira’s Special Moves

Akira brings her old moveset from Rival Schools alongside with some new tricks! “Kiko Kai” is a short ranged energy blast that can quickly and easily combo from normal attacks. The EX version has a longer range that can be utilized to control space.

“Kiko Kai” throws a blast of energy from Akira’s hand
The EX version extends further.

“Urarimon” is a fast elbow strike that allows Akira to close the gap and deal a good amount of damage. She also can follow up with more attacks after landing the hit, but its best used as a combo ender.

Her “Senshubu” kick has three variations: low, medium, and high. Once you land a successful hit, you can maximize your damage utilizing the proper combo ender!

Akira’s V-System                                

Akira’s V-Skill I “Kiko Rensei,” enhances her “Kiko Kai” by adding more hits and damage to the attack. The enhanced EX version will also get a wall bounce, nullify opponent projectiles and the mid-air version gets an enhanced falling trajectory.

Her V-Skill II, “Tsutenda,” is an adaptation of a move that originates from Rival Schools,where Akira launches her opponents into the air for combo opportunities called “Air Bursts.”

This move can also be utilized at the end of her Target Combo for a “Short Air Burst,” which launches opponents at a shorter height than a regular “Air Burst.”

If you’ve watched our SFV Spring Update this past April, then you’ve already seen Akira’s V Trigger I. It’s called “Otoko No Senaka” and features her brother Daigo dropping down from the sky and slamming the opponent in an energy burst explosion!

Attack your opponent alongside Daigo!

Once Daigo is on the scene, he will continue to attack even if Akira gets hit! He can even interrupt opponents if they have Akira in a combo.

Her V-Trigger II, “Haten no Kamae,” puts Akira in a special fighting stance where she can execute three different follow-up attacks. Once activated, the V-Gauge becomes a timer allowing her to execute “Haten no Kamae” up to two times.

“Haten no Kamae,” puts Akira in a special stance!

Each follow up attack has unique attributes depending on the button press. You can add damage and hits to your combos or execute an attack that is safe on block. You can also cancel the stance at any time and go for a throw instead! This V-Trigger is great for combo extensions or setting up frame traps and mixups. 

Akira has studied up and is ready to educate anyone who gets in her way!We hope you are ready to experience the perfect merging of Rival Schools gameplay within Street Fighter V when Akira arrives on August 16!

New Stage: Rival Riverside

Rival Riverside, a Rival Schools stage near a river and near Akira’s school, Gedo High School is a new stage that will be arriving alongside Akira, on August 16. The sunset means it’s after school hours, so you might see some other Rival Schools characters hanging around too.

Akira’s teammates (Edge and Gan) from the Rival Schools games also make an appearance!

Online Tournament Mode

We’ve also shared more details on the Online Tournament Mode! This free mode will be launching alongside Oro and Akira on August 16 and will be available to all players. Through this mode you’ll be able to create and participate in your own online tournaments with friends, Dojo members, and anyone from SFV community! You’ll be able to tinker with a wider variety of rule sets to make your tournaments as wild or restrictive as you want. We’ll have more information on this mode very soon, including some fun tournaments hosted by us, so stay tuned!

Season 5’s Final Character has been revealed! Luke enters the ring!  

Our biggest Summer Update 2021 announcement was about the one thing on everyone’s mind since we first announced Season 5: the 5th and final character for Street Fighter V!

Introducing Luke, a brand new character that will help expand the world of Street Fighter. Check out the announcement video:

From what we can see, Luke appears to focus on moving fast and hitting hard. His punches even shoot beam-like projectiles at an alarming speed! Luke will step into the ring November 2021, and we can’t wait to share more info about him soon!

Round 2: Fortnite x Street Fighter

In addition to all the SFV news, we also announced our second collaboration with Fortnite! Guile and Cammy will be joining Fortnite as new outfits with unique emotes, obtainable for a limited time starting August 7. Also, be sure to check out the Cammy Cup tournament hosted by the Fortnite team, happening on August 5.

Street Fighter League returns for Season 4!

New info has emerged for the upcoming Season 4 of Street Fighter League coming soon! SFL Japan returns in August with Scouting and Qualifiers and Season 3 of the SFL US will complete in September. Then in October, get ready for Season 4 of Street Fighter League! Check out the Summer Update 2021 video for all the news!

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SFV Season 5 Pass, Free Trial, and Sales!

Now that Luke has been revealed as the final character in SFV, check out what’s updated with the Season 5 Pass, including all five characters, costumes, and more!

In addition, we’re offering a Free Trial on PS4, from August 4 through August 18, where you’ll have access to SFV Seasons 1-4!

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And that wraps up another SFV Seasonal Update! Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, especially with the fifth and final Season 5. We’re super excited to share more with you on Oro, Akira, Luke and the future of Street Fighter. Keep fighting!