Capcom Arcade Cabinet – All-in-one Pack on sale now

May 24, 2013 // Chris

Everyone can now save 50% on a every game in the Capcom Arcade Collection, including the two bonus games

YES! Arcade fans, Capcom collectors, and completest gamers: You’re reasons for not owning the Capcom Arcade Cabinet have dwindled to next to nothing! This week folks can pick up all fifteen games in the Capcom Arcade Collection, the previously unlockable-only bonus games Vulgus and 1943 Kai, and save roughly 50% in the process. Here’s what games you can look forward to beefing up your XBLA/PSN digital game collection:

For those who refuse to watch videos (please don’t subscribe to our YouTube channel ) the games contained in the all-in-one pack are: Son Son, 1942, Pirate Ship Higemaru, Gun.Smoke, Ghosts ‘N Goblins Section Z, Commando, The Speed Rumbler, Savage Bees, Hyper Dyne Side Arms, Trojan, Legendary Wings, Black Tiger, 1943, Avengers, Vulgus and 1943 Kai –and exhale… * phew !*

The gangs all here

Again, these games are beloved for a reason, kiddos. They’re like fun and challenging pieces of playable history that continue to hold up as solid games to this very day. Furthermore, these titles paved the way for gaming and especially for Capcom as a company. Even if you weren’t alive to experience them, we thought the influence these titles had on the games you enjoy today was so fascinatingly rad we went and made a lil’ video about it.

XBOX 360 OWNERS PLEASE NOTE : XBLA users MUST purchase the first Capcom Arcade Cabinet Pack, the 1987 Pack containing Black Tiger, 1943 and Avengers, in order to access any further CAC content. INCLUDING THE ALL-IN-ONE PACK. So pick up the 1987 Pack for $5 and the All-in-One Pack for $25. Still shakes out the the same price. Apologies for the confusion.