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Cody, Metro City’s New Mayor, punches his way in to Street Fight…

May 28, 2018 // Andy Wong

Cody Travers has served his time behind bars, but has now become the new mayor of Metro City. Although quite busy with his everyday duties, he will…


Become a Demon Lord with the Astaroth Crossover Costume for M. Bison i…

May 04, 2018 // Andy Wong


Capcom Recap: 04/01/2018 – 04/27/2018

Apr 28, 2018 // Yuri Araujo


Falke, the Guardian Hawk, Vaults into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition…

Apr 16, 2018 // Andy Wong

Falke, the third character of Season 3, will officially join Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on April 24! As a brand new character to the s…


Prepare your jetpack for the Nameless Super Soldier Crossover Costume …

Apr 05, 2018 // Andy Wong


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – Season 3 Balance Update

Apr 02, 2018 // Andy Wong


Capcom Recap: 03/17/2018 – 03/30/2018

Mar 31, 2018 // Yuri Araujo


Cloak Yourself in Darkness with Darkstalkers Costumes for Menat, Juri,…

Mar 27, 2018 // Andy Wong

The mist has crept in, the bats have emerged, and darkness has arrived in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to welcome three Darkstalkers c…


CPT 2018 DLC Brings New Costumes and All-New Dictator-Themed Stage to …

Mar 20, 2018 // Michael Martin


Capcom Recap: 03/03/2018 – 03/16/2018

Mar 17, 2018 // Yuri Araujo


Report in for the Captain Commando Crossover Costume for Nash in Stree…

Mar 09, 2018 // Andy Wong


Capcom Recap: 02/03/2018 – 02/16/2018

Feb 17, 2018 // Yuri Araujo