Ironbeard’s Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting: Rathian

Mar 01, 2010 // Snow

Of the iconic monsters of the Monster Hunter series as a whole, the Rathian has stood out as one of the favorites. She’s one heck of a flying wyvern, especially in Monster Hunter Tri. In Tri she behaves and attacks in new ways that will keep you pro hunters on your toes. She does many of the attacks you may know of, but she also has quite a few new tricks as well. She now has the ability to pin you down with her huge talons, and bite at you. You’re mostly helpless in that situation, unless of course your friends or Chacha is there to help you out! If you are all alone when this happens, there is one final alternative… A Dung Bomb. When you’re pinned down, slowly being eaten alive, toss a Dung Bomb in her mouth. She’ll let go of you, and you’ll have a second to run for whatever life you have left. But, having just had poo in her mouth, she won’t be happy. Be ready for a very angry and large dragon to be hunting you down. 

Rathian: Fire-breathing female wyverns, also known as “Queens of the Land.” With powerful legs and poison-secreting tails, they hunt mainly on the ground. Sometimes seen preying as a couple, Rathian cooperate well with Rathalos. 

Here’s some hunting tips from some who’ve fought the Rathian.

Ironbeard: “Rathian is one terrible queen! She’s a fast, poisonous, fire-breathin’ wyvern. Be sure to bring plenty’a items for the quest, including lots of whetstones to keep ya blade sharp!”

Gerald: “Bring antidotes and have ear plugs. Watch out for her double flip. Treat her well, she is the QUEEN after all!”

Bastion: “Chop off that tail ASAP, her flip will catch you off guard. Try and avoid being directly in front of her, or her flip will knock you out!”

Jgonzo: “Flying beasts are perfect for bow gun users: set your aim true and take out Rathian with your bow gun, as it is one of the safest ways to take the monster down! With luck and skill, you’ll take down the Rathian and leave her open to the melee attacks of your friends.”

Snow: “If you go into this fight thinking you know how to fell an ‘Ian with no probs, you’re in for a rude awakening. She’s changed. Lots of new attacks, moves, and she even seems a tad smarter and aware of her environment. I’m still a fan of the Hammer when it comes to taking her down. But since the Sword and Shield and Great Sword can now do knock outs, those are a fair choice as well.”

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