Win a Demo: Ironbeard’s Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting: Delex & Rhenoplos

Mar 03, 2010 // Snow

In our “Ironbeard’s Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting” series of blogs, we’ve been talking mostly about the big baddies of the world. But today we’re going to focus on a couple of the smaller creatures, the ones who generally wreak havoc when you’re least expecting. The Delex is a fish like Piscine Wyvern that you’ll generally find in the hot and sandy deserts. The Rhenoplos is herbivore with a knack for charging hunters like a bull. Let’s see what Ironbeard ‘s Guide has to say about them.

Delex: Carnivorous monsters that inhabit deserts. Delex always travel in schools of five or six. When near large monsters on the hunt, they will attempt to surround the prey and scavenge feed. Known to flee if other Delex are injured. A sonic bomb will be of help if a school attacks you.

Rhenoplos: Extremely territorial herbivores with poor vision, but acute hearing. Rhenoplos will doggedly pursue any nearby target they sense. They often collide into boulders, perhaps because they cannot easily stop once they begin to run. Be ready to dodge!

Instead of doing pro tips today, I figured we do a little comment contest to win a demo and a felyne pendant. All you have to do is ask something about Monster Hunter Tri! Newbies and Pros alike are welcome to ask anything. Yes, anything. We’ll pick our favorites and answer them tomorrow.

Ask your question, we’ll pick our favorites tonight, and look for the answers tomorrow!

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