Ironbeard’s Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting: Jaggi

Feb 19, 2010 // Snow

We introduced Ironbeard’s Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting earlier this week, revealing the poisonous Gigginox . Today we’re going to pull up some info on a little bit smaller monster. Although the size of this type of monster is among the smallest in the game (which is still 5 times your size), they come in numbers. The Jaggi, under the Bird Wyvern classification, travel in large packs. There’s a structure within each pack that consists of an alpha male called the Great Jaggi, young smaller males called Jaggi, and larger females called Jaggia. Here’s some useful info on each of those for when you encounter then while on your hunt.

Jaggi: A highly social, carnivorous Bird Wyvern that live in large packs. Young Jaggi males hunt in groups, attacking much larger animals. Current research suggests they operate under orders from an alpha male. They are aggressive, but wary of fire. 

Jaggia:  Female Jaggi that stay in groups, Jaggia generally cluster around the nest to defend it and raise whelps. Smaller than mature males, but larger and tougher than the countless young males. Jaggia also operate under an alpha’s orders. 

Great Jaggi:  The commanding alpha male of Jaggi packs. Most males leave the group upon reaching maturity, returning later to compete with the others. The dominant male then becomes a Great Jaggi. Apparently, they can issue fairly complex orders via howling.

Below are some tips for dealing with the large packs of Jaggi you’ll encounter.

Ironbeard: “He may be a wee fellow compared to some of the oth’r beasties ya hunt, but they’re real strength is in vast numbers! If you hear the Great Jaggi howlin’, hit ’em hard to stop ‘im from callin’ his pesky pack.”

Gerald: “Watch out for his thick tail. You’ll know when he begins to do a little hop. Weapons with head bash capabilities, keep aiming for its head. They’re very susceptible to concussions. It’s always fun knocking the little ones into the air.”

Snow: “The Great Jaggi has a knack for letting his pack keep you occupied while he slams you with his hip and tail. A well placed flash bomb can blind the whole pack momentarily, which will give you the window you need to attack the leader.”

There’s more info coming in the weeks ahead. Monday will be the next reveal!