Hammerheads HQ #4 – Launch, Savage Gauntlet & Alpha Variant Sui…

Jul 21, 2023 // Andy Wong

Exoprimal is live and the dinosaurs have arrived! We trust you’ve been collecting the finest quality combat data for Leviathan, whilst avoiding b…


Exosuits and dinosaurs clash in Exoprimal, out now!

Jul 14, 2023 // Kellen Haney

Welcome to the wargames.Teams of five players face off against overwhelming dinosaur hordes, terrifying Neosaurs, and even opp…


Rashid flies into Street Fighter 6 on July 24!

Jul 06, 2023 // Andy Wong

Rashid of the Turbulent Wind makes his Street Fighter 6 debut on July 24. With a whirlwind of moves that will send him soaring, Rashid lea…


Celebrating Pride 2023 with Capcom Creators

Jun 25, 2023 // Andy Wong

Headquartered in San Francisco, the Capcom USA office is in a melding pot of cultures, histories, and people of all backgrounds. With Pride being s…


Hammerheads HQ – June Open Beta Test & Neo T. Rex Co-op Battle

Jun 15, 2023 // Kellen Haney

Work together, or be flagged for mortal sunset as Neo T. rex food. Welcome to the third Hammerheads HQ post! We had some…


Hammerheads HQ – Modules and Suit Cutomization

Jun 01, 2023 // Kellen Haney

Dinosaur forecasts are looking clear for now, but it looks like severe raptor swarms are heading this way in July. Please prepare accordingly! &nbs…


First Gameplay of Dragon’s Dogma 2 Revealed at PlayStation Showcase

May 24, 2023 // Joseph Bustos

Set forth on your grand adventure, Arisen! The PlayStation Showcase brought us the first footage of the much-anticipated action-RPG Dragon’s …


Capcom Celebrates AAPI Heritage Month with Capcom Creators

May 22, 2023 // Andy Wong

AAPI Heritage Month is celebrated in the United States every May to spotlight the influence and impact the Asian American and Pacific Islander comm…


Hammerheads HQ – March Open Beta Test & PvE Content Update

May 10, 2023 // Kellen Haney

Mission critical intel incoming!Welcome to Hammerheads HQ, our new community blog post for Exoprimal! T…


The Path to Petting the Dog! Building the Canynes of Monster Hunter Ri…

May 04, 2023 // Shibata

Hello everyone! Koichi Shibata here, reporting from the Monster Hunter Rise dev floor! For our next round of Monster Hunter …


Street Fighter 6 Showcase Recap

Apr 20, 2023 // Andy Wong

Prepare those spray cans because we’re painting the streets with a fresh coat of news straight from the Street Fighter 6 Showcase hosted…


The Avatar of Storms, Amatsu, Arrives in Sunbreak Free Title Update 5

Apr 20, 2023 // Joseph Bustos

A storm is brewing, and black clouds are on the horizon. They herald the arrival of a legendary elder dragon not seen for some time. Witn…