More Capcom Classics coming to PS3 and PSP

Aug 11, 2009 // Ryan

To help rekindle your burning flame of Capcom love, we have plans to release some serious classics for the PS3 and PSP.  These are games that I fell for when I was just an impressionable youth.  I would sit outside the window at these games’ houses, and serenade them with love songs.  Finally, they have returned to me, thus proving that they love me too.

Nearly every big Capcom series is included in this list, from Mega Man to Street Fighter.  Of particular interest to me is Dino Crisis, as I am a notorious fan of both Dinos and Crises.

Check out the full list of games coming soon to your favorite shiny black console (or its sleek portable cousin, in the case of the UMD Legacy games)

–  Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded (UMD Legacy)
–  Mega Man Powered Up (UMD Legacy)
–  Dino Crisis (PlayStation Legacy)
–  Powerstone Collection (UMD Legacy)
–  Mega Man Maverick Hunter X (UMD Legacy)
–  Resident Evil 2 (PlayStation Legacy)
–  Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower (UMD Legacy)
–  Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (UMD Legacy)
–  Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PlayStation Legacy)
–  Capcom Puzzle World (UMD Legacy)

    For those of you paying particularly close attention, there is one game on this list that may be a surprise.  Capcom Puzzle World has cleared its last hurdle, and will be included as a UMD Legacy title.  I’m so proud of it!

    For those fans who may be new to legacy titles, jump in! A UMD Legacy game can be downloaded from a PS3 to a PSP, where it is fully playable as a purely digital experience.  The PSone classics can also be downloaded to the PSP for on-the-go Dino Crisis, as well as being playable on the PS3 itself.