Ultimate Tips and Tricks for Mega Man Zero

Apr 02, 2020 // Kellen Haney

This is it – the final set of tips and tricks from the developers of Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, with a particular focus on the challenging original Mega Man Zero!

SPOILER ALERT: this post includes pointers for going head to head with the final boss, so proceed accordingly. We’ll hand it over to the dev team from here.


Hanumachine is another formidable opponent. Be sure to equip the Thunder Chip to take advantage of his weaknesses. Hanumachine’s attacks on the whole can be pretty difficult to evade. During Fire Bound, your fiery foe transforms into a giant fireball and rushes at Zero. The attack ends once he sets his feet on the ground, so do your best to dodge this move. Knowing this (and acting accordingly) will drastically increase your chances for survival.

Opportunities to inflict some damage of your own come when Hanumachine gets close or the moment when he unleashes a pack of Mini Hanus. Instead of proactively going after Hanumachine, we recommend dodging his attacks and taking advantage of his close proximity to make him feel the burn.

 ■Asura Basura (Mid-Boss for Neo Arcadia Shrine Stage)

If you slash Asura Basura’s head with your Z Saber, he’ll begin to rotate like a top. Use your Z Saber to attack him again right as he starts to spin. Repeat this pattern, and you can take him down with ease.

Don’t believe us? Try for yourself.

Herculious Anchortus

Kick off this boss battle by jumping up the wall to a height where you can still see your opponent. When you do this, Herculious Anchortus will charge toward the wall with a strong Beet Tackle attack that causes him to repel back on contact. The gap between Herculious Anchortus and the wall is just big enough for Zero. Take advantage of this moment to drop from the wall, slash Herculious Anchortus with your Z Saber, and climb the wall to safety.

Rainbow Devil

When Rainbow Devil unleashes its Bound Attack, you won’t get hit if you’re standing at the edge of the screen. During this sequence, attacking Rainbow Devil in its head-shaped form causes it break into smaller pieces. Fight from the corner during this part of the boss battle to ensure your safety.

Rainbow Devil’s trajectory changes when it transforms into slime, so attack when it looks like you’re going to get hit. Check out the video above for exact timing.

One other thing. When Rainbow Devil reverts back to its original form, make good use of your Z Saber for some additional damage. Every so often Rainbow Devil will launch a small glob of slime at you. You can jump up the wall to escape in those instances.

Copy X

Last, but not least, the final boss – Copy X. We debated whether or not to share tips for this battle with you, so we’ll keep things simple.

Copy X doesn’t have any set attack patterns, so it’s essential to stay calm while trying to stay out of harm’s way. You can safely escape his Nova Strike charge attack by dashing. As for offensive strategies, try staying close to the wall on either end of the room. Use the wall to jump over Copy X’s sliding attack, and slash at him with your Z Saber. Rinse and repeat.

Do you have the endurance to get through this boss battle? Give it your best shot!

■Copy X (Second Form)

Surprise! In true final boss fashion, Copy X has a second form.

This second form is weak to ice, so don’t hesitate to equip the Ice Chip if you have it. There are large bars on both sides of the screen during this portion of the battle. We recommend the basic approach of using wall kicks to perch on these before landing a perfectly timed jump slash with your Z Saber.

More importantly, don’t forget to dodge Copy X’s attacks. This second form has three distinct attack patterns. You can determine what’s coming next based on the shape of Copy X’s hands and his voice. Memorize each pattern and use this knowledge to escape demise.

And that’s a wrap for our boss battle suggestions! Mega Man Zero is often described as the most difficult game in the Zero series. In other words, if you’re able to finish this game, you should have the know-how you need to get through the other games in the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. Now get out there and show us what you’ve got!