Trucy Wright – Phoenix’s Darling Child of Magic

Oct 11, 2013 // Chris

Magic in the family

In honor of the upcoming release of  Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies  we’re providing old and new fans a series of brief character bios in order to bring them up to speed. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts and/or upload your favorite character art in the comments below.


“Come one, come all! Trucy’s Magical Mystery Show is about to begin!”

Trucy Wright was adopted by Phoenix 8 years ago, and serves as the Wright Anything Agency’s resident mood maker. Always cheery and ever-talented, she is also the agency’s lone “talent” and works as a magician when she’s not at school. Her best trick involves the “extra-dimensional space” of her Magic Panties prop, out of which she can pull anything and everything.

She is big on teamwork and supporting her Daddy in his endeavors, but is Phoenix really the head honcho around the office… or is she…? A magician never tells!

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