Thanks for Playing in 2013 [Dustforce Music Goes with Everything!]

Jan 20, 2014 // Chris

Hope you’ve got a little 2013 whimsy still left, because we’ve got a video gift celebrating the year that was…

Hope you guys are all nice and settled in to your sure-to-be-outstanding 2014. That said, we wanted to say thanks to all of you out there who came and played with Capcom (and Capcom Unity) throughout the entirety of that whirlwind adventure history will come to know as “2013.”

Please enjoy a quick and thorough sizzle almost every Capcom game released (and rereleased) in 2013 as our salute to you and the last 365 or so days. We also decided to wrap this little gift in a bow made of music from the upcoming Dustforce , which is headed to PS3, PS Vita, and Xbox 360 very soon. [FYI: Dustforce’s much-lauded music comes courtesy of Lifeformed and can be purchased here ]