Street Fighter X Tekken for the PS Vita On Sale Today!

Oct 24, 2012 // Yuri Araujo

Following up today’s launch post , Street Fighter X Tekken Producer Ayano-san and Executive Producer Ono-san have a special message for you! Enjoy:

Hi everyone. This is Ayano.

Finally the day has come…
Street Fighter X Tekken for the PS Vita is on sale today!!

Even though it has been 7 months since the release of the PS3 and Xbox360 versions, the time went by in a flash. Discussing all the new features to implement in the PS Vita version, fixing the frame rates and textures, working hard to make sure things came together correctly; we went through a lot to make the project happen.

With Street Fighter X Tekken for the PS Vita users can enjoy all the various features that the PS Vita has to offer. We are confident we put together a great product for you all so please enjoy it!

We also have a comment from Onochin!

★ Executive Producer: Yoshinori Ono â˜…

Finally the 2nd chapter of the fighting game festival has begun! With the release of the PS3 and Xbox360 version, at the time I wrote “we made the project happen with our vigor,” and “it wasn’t an easy development structure.” With the PS Vita version, these two statements still hold true. But the release of the product doesn’t mean we will be taking a rest. The free balance update, Street Fighter X Tekken Ver. 2013, is still undergoing development so the team here will focus on their efforts on that moving forward. Thanks to all the fans who have kept supporting us until now! Please continue to look forward to Capcom fighting games!

★   ★   ★

We are waiting to see how everyone likes the game after playing it. Send any comments our way!

That’s all for now!
Enjoy Street Fighter X Tekken!