RE Revelations Raid Mode Casting Call – Quint and Keith

Dec 01, 2011 // GregaMan

In Resident Evil Revelations’   RAID MODE , you and a friend will be able to team up and take on all manner of freaky-deaky B.O.W., scoring points that earn you upgrades for characters in weapons. Speaking of characters, you’ll be able to take control of a whole bunch of ’em! Let’s introduce two more.

Quint Ketchum

With a habit for constantly making movie references, Quint is the BSAA’s resident geek and tech specialist. Has an undeniably good rapport with Keith. 

The Genesis System was built on many of Quint’s own ideas.

Keith Lumley

A member of the BSAA, appearing for the first time in this game. As smart-alecky as he looks, he is nevertheless a top agent, in league with the likes of Jill and Chris. 

When it comes to close-quarters combat, Keith relies on a pair of long blades called “Kukuri.” 

His trademark headphones were actually designed and built by him. 


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