Presenting Our Reaverbot Selection

Feb 15, 2011 // GregaMan

Hey there, everybody, and thanks for all the amazing entries. There were so many great submissions that we really pushed our decision-making to the very last minute. Ultimately we ended up having to add a few more awards! And we still didn’t get to award everyone we wanted to. As our selection for this event, we ended up going with one submitted by someone clearly very skilled at illustration, but that’s not the reason we picked it! The general form and concept of it was enough to pique our interests. This design was very clear and easy for us to grasp, which is very important for these submissions. I hope everyone bears that in mind for future events.

Our prime selection will receive a whopping 30,000 Unity Points, a special badge, and a Premium Servbot Number! Also, that creator’s name will appear in the game’s credits! 

We also have a runner-up, a number of honorable mentions, several “section” awards given by various members of the staff, and Ishihara’s personal picks that he knew couldn’t win, but that he felt deserved a shout-out. North American runner-ups will each receive 10,000 Unity Points and a badge, as will our “section” awards. Ishihara’s picks will receive 8,000 Unity Points and a badge. And of course, ALL submissions are good for 5,000 Unity Points, so look forward to that (may take a li’l while to distribute all those, but we’ll be grinding away)!

[Note: Japanese selections will be rewarded separately by Japan, not by us, just fyi.]

[Other note: To cut down (marginally) on the extreme length of this post, I haven’t included ALL images for every entry, but enough to show off the general awesomeness of each design. -Greg] 


â—Selected Entry

Posted by: #2395 kankan

Reaverbot name: Calamity

Comments from Art Director Ishihara:

Beautiful in its simplicity and lack of erroneous accoutrements, with a dash of forebodingness, this was a very attractive submissions. It also has great potential for expansion; I can imagine the cloud taking on different forms and such. I also think the addition of those mechanical pieces around the cloud add a bit of realism—they look like they’re generating the cloud, rather than having the cloud just float there inexplicably. A very astute accent.



Posted by: Kobun #1221

Reaverbot name: Dantragoty

Comments from Art Director Ishihara:

Above all else, it was the unique and interesting way in which this creature moves that caused us to select it. This submission showed a thorough understanding of its own core concept, even extending that concept into its attacking methods. It may not look particularly unique at first glance, but I bet there would’ve been a lot of surprised faces once people saw this thing move.


â—Honorable Mentions

Posted by: Kobun #5349

Reaverbot name: Tailee Taboz

Comments from Art Director Ishihara:

There were a number of submissions where the Reaverbot was disguised as a background piece, but this one presented both a very clear attack strategy and a fascinating shape-shifting element, so in my mind, this was the best of that sort of submission (not that a submission has to have a clear attack strategy; for some submissions, the fun was in the idea of players wracking their brain trying to figure out what to do).



Posted by: Kobun #4341

Reaverbot name: Buruguruhan

Comments from Art Director Ishihara:

The attack patterns and strategy were very well compiled and would be great for the game. I also love how there’s a significance to the number of bones in its neck. I just thought its hook and general explanation could’ve used a little more polish. So close!


Posted by: #2511 Boris

Reaverbot name: Janusbot

Comments from Art Director Ishihara:

Simply put, this is so cool!!


Posted by: #2385 Invader Dan

Reaverbot name: GaiNeeRope

Comments from Art Director Ishihara:

Here I thought it was going to use the rope to strangle you, and it turned out to be more of a jump-rope affair! The humiliation of being forced to jump rope mixed with the creepiness of the design does strike me as somehow fitting for this series. . . .


â—Motion Award

Q: What kind of work is this?

A: The motion staff is mostly responsible for creating characters’ movements. Especially when it comes to player characters, which are in essence extensions of the players’ bodies, it’s important to make sure actions such as pulling levers and pushing buttons all feel natural for the player, so lots of little adjustments are made again and again. It’s a very important job.


Posted by: Kobun #294

Reaverbot name: Katado Tehan

Staff Comment:

It would be interesting if the hands’ fingers could move around to create various expressions. Not only was the general design of this entry good, but also its various attack pattern ideas.


Posted by: Brian #2384

Reaverbot name: Smearcian

Staff Comment:

Very cool design along with very cool movements. I can envision an agile, formidable Reaverbot with geometrical attack patterns.


â—Effects Award

Q: What kind of work is this?

A: It mostly entails creating and adding visual effects in order to help convey what’s happening in the game. Hit marks and explosions are both examples.


Posted by: Kobun #5589

Reaverbot name: Gachilas

Staff Comment: I think this would make for a very loud battle. I also like the gas self-destruct feature.


Posted by: Wyvern-Smasher #2326

Reaverbot name: Go-Gogant

Staff Comment: The array of attacks made possible by its many forms is simply incredible.


â—Scroll Award

Q: What kind of work is this?

A: The term “scroll” comes from the old days of side-scrollers, but nowadays is used just to refer to game backgrounds. Huh. I wonder if only Capcom does that. Heh. At any rate, that means we deal with everything in the game except for characters and the effects applied to them. That includes buildings and houses, mountains and the sky, various backdrops, and each and every blade of grass you see. As you can imagine, this is a big part of the process of creating the game’s look and feel, so we put a lot of work into creating a beautiful, fun place for our characters to roam. We hope you’ll thoroughly enjoy the look and feel of this game.


Posted by: Kobun #4407

Reaverbot name: Forbo Oll

Staff Comment:

It was this submission’s form, the lamppost motif, that won us over. We can imagine it blending in perfectly with its surroundings, and if that doesn’t deserve an award from the background staff, what does?!


Posted by: Raijin #00267

Reaverbot name: Kaetoriizu

Staff Comment:

Again we have a design that blends in with its surroundings perfectly, this one acting as a trap that imitates a dungeon room. We really wanted to see this battle go down, with the Reaverbot taking advantage of people’s greed and then mocking them as it chomped down.


â—Model Award

Q: What kind of work is this?

A: Modeling consists of creating the polygonal character and enemy models and their textures. We spend the majority of our lives figuring out how to create the best-looking models and textures we can using limited numbers of polygons. I might add that the limited disk or cartridge space means sometimes having to vie for space with people working the above sections. It’s a fun job, but there’s nothing quite as depressing as putting your all into something only to discover that you’ve run out of disk space and won’t be able to implement it.


Posted by: Kobun #163

Reaverbot name: Al Paca

Staff Comment:

We fell in love with this design, which is fun on the surface, but also rather scary upon close inspection. The eyes of countless Zakobons gleaming in the darkness. . . . The player would grow weary and cautious, only to reveal. . . . an alpaca-bot?! So cute! And yet, fierce. It’s this kind of juxtaposition that grabs people.


Posted by: Kenny #002236

Reaverbot name: Automata

Staff Comment:

I think I’d get so hung up on trying to score cool loot from this thing that I’d forget all about fighting it! If more than one appeared at a time, you’d have even better chances of getting something good, and you’d probably end up wasting a lot of time. Sounds fun!

I do think that in its current state, it’d be a bit hard to make out the symbols from far away, so you’d probably have to make it considerably bigger.


â—”Ishihara Awards”


Posted by: Kobun #5973

Reaverbot name: Roh Fuu Hai Roh

Comments from Art Director Ishihara:

This one was sort of a long shot (no offense), but I was impressed by the playfulness and uniqueness of it, with its drain plug for an eye and its “hot water” markings.


Posted by: Kobun #647

Reaverbot name: Galvazalba

Comments from Art Director Ishihara:

A Reaverbot from Hell. This one simply exudes evil. The poor, skewered Zakobons really grab one’s attention.


Posted by: 家毅 #002355

Reaverbot name: Licker

Comments from Art Director Ishihara:

Normally having so many different attacks weakens the design’s impression, but I enjoyed imagining this thing unleashing one attack after the next, making Mega Man’s life miserable. I can tell you had a lot of fun drawing and creating this.


Posted by: Purifier #000375

Reaverbot name: DiZeBoko

Comments from Art Director Ishihara:

Though there were plenty of Reaverbot ideas with protected weak points, this was the first time I’d ever seen one with a rotating ribcage. Reaverbots never were much for efficiency.


Well done, everybody! So many rad bots, it seems to me we’ve got enough material here to create like five games. If only things were ever that simple. Anyhoo, keep up the good work!