New features to try out in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beta on PS4

Jun 28, 2019 // Yuri Araujo

Greetings hunters, and welcome to round 2 of the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beta on PlayStation 4! This one is open to all PS4 players, so if you missed the first round last weekend this is your chance to test your mettle against newcomer Banbaro, returning fan-favorite Tigrex, or even the Great Jagras. And that’s not to mention all the other encounters you’ll have as you explore Hoarfrost Reach, the game’s new icy locale!

Anyways, let’s take a quick moment to review some of the cool features you’ll get to try out in this Beta:

Training Area – Before you head out on a hunt, visit the Training Area to practice some of the new combat features we’ve added in Iceborne (more info ahead). You can talk to the Housekeeper to change up the objects in the Training Area and practice your new Clutch Claw moves too!

3 Quests x 3 Difficulties – As you may know, you’ll get to take on three separate quests in this Beta: Great Jagras (beginner), Banbaro (intermediate), and Tigrex (advanced). But did you know… there are also 3 separate difficulty settings? These depend on your party formation, and scale whether you’re hunting solo, as a pair, or as a group of 3 or 4 hunters. In Monster Hunter: World, I played a great deal of quests in a pair, so I really welcome this change. If you try out a 2-player hunt, let us know how you liked it!

New Combat Options – Between the addition of the Clutch Claw, and the new moves and tweaks bestowed upon all 14 weapon types, the amount of strategies and possibilities have increased tremendously. Pick up your favorite weapon, or try a new one, and get ready for fresh new combos and tactics.

Raider Rides – In Monster Hunter: World, your Palico could learn how to talk to talk to certain native creatures, like Jagras, and get them to join you in battle. In Iceborne , YOU also get to practice some monster-speak and earn some sweet rides across each map! These little fellas will take you around, following monsters’ tracks or you can pin a destination on the map, sit back, take a Hot Drink and enjoy the ride.

That about sums it up for this round. If you want a few more nuggets of wisdom, check out the 8 Cool Things You Can Do in the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Beta for PS4 blog post on the PlayStation Blog. Otherwise, enjoy the Beta (live until 3am PDT / 6am EDT on July 1 st ) and let us know what you think of the new features!