More Tips and Tricks for Mega Man Zero

Apr 02, 2020 // Kellen Haney

We’ve got a fresh update from the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection dev team today! This one also covers the particularly challenging Mega Man Zero. The dev team can take it from here:

We’re sure some of you have finished all six games in Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection, but we have a feeling some users may be having a harder time with the first Mega Man Zero game.

Don’t fret! We’ve put together another set of boss strategies for you, this time focusing on Blizzack Staggroff and the Four Guardians of Master X.

■Sage Harpuia

Sage Harpuia is allegedly the most popular of the Four Guardians of Master X. The first step in defeating this adversary is ambushing him with attacks while he’s in midair. If you damage him with a jump slash, he’ll drop to the ground and immediately unleash three Sonic Boom attacks. When he starts to fly again, he’ll release another bonus Sonic Boom, so make sure you get out of harm’s way.

Once Sage Harpuia is airborne, you can repeat this process – damaging him with jump slashes and dodging his Sonic Booms. One thing to note is that Sage Harpuia will slowly close in on Zero. If he’s less than half the screen away, book it in the opposite direction and reset the playing field.

■Blizzack Staggroff

Truth be told, it’s more difficult for Blizzack Staggroff to take damage when you’re in close range. Get close enough to avoid damage and attack him with your Z Saber from a safe distance. If you inflict some damage, Blizzack Staggroff will unleash a Frozen Bomb attack. Do your best to evade this while closing the distance between you. In these instances, your safest bet is using your Buster to shatter the ice spikes the boss uses to create his Frozen Bombs.

When Blizzack Staggroff uses his Blizzard attack, you’ll have more luck avoiding damage by escaping with wall jumps above the height of the attack. Dashing in the opposite direction of the blizzard might “freeze” your attempts to escape.

■Fighting Fefnir

Fighting Fefnir is by and far the most dangerous of the Four Guardians of Master X. For this boss battle, start by equipping the Thunder Chip, which will help you take advantage of your adversary’s weaknesses. Striking Fighting Fefnir with the Thunder Chip and a charged attack will paralyze him, so be sure to keep your distance. Fighting Fefnir will attack once he recovers from his paralysis. The moment you dodge his attacks is your chance to blast him with a perfectly timed Buster Shot. Charged Buster Shots are even more effective. Fighting Fefnir also has a strong grab attack called Rocket Upper, so be sure to keep your distance and focus on making good use of your Buster Shots.

■Fairy Leviathan

The three homing bullets that Fairy Leviathan shoots from her spear are difficult to evade in close proximity, so you’ll have better luck staying out of harm’s way by keeping your distance. You can dodge her Ice Ring attacks by jumping over them, but the problem comes immediately after that. With her Marine Snow attack, Fairy Leviathan leaves ice spikes spread across the top of the stage. Do everything you can to shatter these. If you don’t, you’ll be in big trouble later. Fairy Leviathan will approach Zero when he attacks her, so use these opportunities to unleash some serious damage!

■Hidden Phantom

You may feel the urge to attack the real Hidden Phantom when he uses his Clones attack, but the truth is that you’ll be able to defeat him more easily if you attack one of his clones. When the real Hidden Phantom appears, he’ll fly around the screen riding on a shuriken (ninja star), but he won’t hit you if you’re standing at the edge of the screen. Your chance to do some damage is the moment when Hidden Phantom prepares to throw his shuriken. Take advantage of that split second to go in for the kill.

That concludes our strategy guide for Blizzack Staggroff and the Four Guardians of Master X. We’ve got one additional strategy guide coming your way soon, so stay tuned!