More MH3U videos from ProJared and friends: PBG, Criken and Chippers

Jul 24, 2013 // Yuri Araujo

Do you remember ProJared ‘s Beginner’s Guide series?? Turned out he uploaded the last episode (3) and somehow I missed it – must’ve been traveling… or sleeping. Check it out if you wanna learn more about  armor skills decorations , monster states , quests , and some additional pro tips.

And as an added bonus, be sure to check out his hunting pals’ ( PBG, Criken and Chipper s ) video recordings of some hunts. They take on some early-game quests together, but the videos are actually very funny to watch! Just know that they drop some  Barrel Bombs F  and other NSFW language throughout the videos.

Despite them being rather lenghty videos, they’re all very goofy and fun content… and speaking of video, have you checked out the Videos and Livestreams section of our MH forums? That’s where all the MH videos are!