Monster Hunter: World patch update 1.03 (PS4) / (Xbox One) – Matchmaking and Hunting Horns

Feb 02, 2018 // Yuri Araujo

Monster Hunter: World patch updates 1.03 (PS4) and (Xbox One) are now live; patch notes available below.

Major changes for Xbox One:

  • Fixed all matchmaking functionality issues for Xbox One players, including “Matchmake”, “Filter Search”, “Squad Sessions Session” and “Respond to SOS”.

Major changes for PS4 and Xbox One:

  • Fixed a rare issue with gathering points and bounties not working correctly; points counter were not updating correctly.
  • Fixed two issues with the Hunting Horn:
    • Players would sometimes be unable to dodge-cancel while playing an Encore;
    • The initial shockwave blast when playing a song sometimes wouldn’t happen.

Also be sure to read notes on previous update on Capcom-Unity .


We have noticed some hunters are still experiencing matchmaking issues on the Xbox One version of the game. Our development team is currently investigating these issues; we’ll update you as soon as possible.