Monster Hunter monsters with googly eyes!

Aug 24, 2013 // Yuri Araujo

Wanna know how to make some of the most threatening monsters out there look completely herp-a-derpy goofy? It’s simple: just add  googly eyes !


Inspired by the hilarious tumblr  Magic Cards with Googly Eyes , we wondered if the idea would work with the iconic monsters of the  Monster Hunter universe… and after much  ROLFing and even crying at times, we found out that it did!

Now we want to see what you can come up with, using any monster from any MH game! You’ll laugh, we’ll laugh, and even those who don’t particularly like MH will laugh – everybody wins!

So… how to make some serious monsters look hilariously goofy??

Well, there are many ways… First, you can do so digitally – here’s a folder with a bunch of different-sized googly eyes as transparent PNG files . Just grab any screenshot, render, key art, a frame of a video, anything, and add the googly eyes I provided, or find ones you like on internet, using your favorite googly search engine.

Another way is you can do it with actual googly eyes. Just go to your local crafts store and grab a little bag of assorted sizes and you should be good to go. I bought mine here for only 99 cents.

Monster Hunter Freedom Derp!

Then you can put them on your favorite MH game (check the example above of one of my favorite games) or even on your  Monster Hunter collectable figures! And for those of you who have the MH Illustrations, the potential for this is HUGE!!

Using actual googly eyes yields the best results IMO; after all, that’s how the  Magic Cards with Googly Eyes crowd does it…


Anyways, when you’re done laughing, get to work and submit them as a comment, or in this thread , or Tweet it to the @Capcom_Unity and @MonsterHunter accounts… I’ll be compiling posts with YOUR WORK as you make them.

We’re counting on you, internet; let’s make this big, cuz it’s funny… don’t disappoint me! 😉

Also, big thanks to Chris Antista for this brilliant idea!