Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection: The Road to S Rank!

Mar 24, 2020 // Kellen Haney

It’s been about a month since the release of Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. Remember that hidden stage in Z Chaser that we revealed in our Launch Trailer? We’ve got info on how to unlock it, and tips on how to get top times in Z Chaser!

Here’s how to unlock the above stage, and it’s easier than you think:

Clear all 12 available stages in Z Chaser with an S Rank or better!

Think that’s not so simple?

In order to help you out, we spoke with “The Chasers” – Capcom staff who recorded Z Chaser’s ghost data – about how to clear each stage with an S Rank. Follow these tips, and you, too, can unlock the hidden Mega Man Antique stage!

Advice Applicable to All Stages

Find Your Optimal Button Configuration!

Here’s one example. The game’s Producer, Director, and the Chasers all use this configuration.

Did you know that you can adjust your button configuration before you start playing? If not, sorry that this wasn’t more clear.

You can adjust your button configuration via the Settings menu. Keep in mind that you can’t adjust your buttons once each course begins, so make sure to choose the configuration that works best for you beforehand.

Dash + Jump Works Better Than a Series of Dashes

If you dash several times in succession, you’ll notice that your character stands up for a split second between dashes. This actually ends up adding on to your overall time. If you jump right after you dash instead, you can shave some time off your run. The time difference is really minimal, but it can be the key to successfully achieving an S Rank.

Leverage Boss Weaknesses to Cut Down Your Time

The most effective way to cut down your time is to defeat bosses quickly.

Watch how the ghost data moves in Z Rank and ZZ Rank, and do your best to mimic these movements where you can.

Individual Stage Advice

Mega Man Zero: Normal (Disposal Center)

This is an enemy called “Contrainer”.

On top of the abandoned building, you’ll encounter an enemy called “Contrainer”, which acts as a weather control device. If you hit the green crystal on top with a single Buster Shot, the wind will change direction. This will help you move more quickly through the stage.

There’s a series of ladders at this point in the stage. The S Rank ghost doesn’t use all of the ladders, so this is a chance for you to shave off some time.

There’s a series of ladders at one point in the stage, but it’s faster using wall jumps to clear this area. Changing the wind’s direction to a tailwind will make it easier to use wall jumps here.

Mega Man Zero: Hard (Neo Arcadia Core)

Three of the twelve playable Z Chaser stages include boss rushes. This is one of them. As suggested before, watch how the Z Rank and ZZ Rank ghost data moves, and study how they defeat each boss. After that, concentration is key!

Mega Man Zero 2: Normal (Forest of Notus)

Use whatever items and tools you can!

Before starting this course, select “Ultimate Form” from the Settings menu. This alone should make this strategy significantly easier for you.

 This enemy is especially smart and dangerous.

Smaller enemies in this stage are pretty strong, so it’s important to continuously charge your Z Saber for attacks while you move through the stage. If it’s difficult for you to charge while doing other things, try adjusting your button settings.

Mega Man Zero 2: Hard (Shuttle Factory)

Use the effects of the Ice Chip to freeze Magma Packets.

Select “Ultimate Form” as your form, and equip “Ice Chip” as your element.

You can use an Ice Chip charged shot to freeze magma packets and use them as platforms. Doing this will drastically decrease the level of danger in this stage.

Jump at this exact moment!

You’ll face Fighting Fefnir as the boss in this stage, so we recommend changing your element to the Thunder Chip when taking him on.

Here’s one point of advice when facing this strong opponent. Fighting Fefnir attacks by shooting pillars of fire from the ground, which will move in Zero’s direction. You can avoid them by jumping over them at just the right moment. If the flames are too far away, you won’t be able to clear them and will take damage instead.

Mega Man Zero 3: Normal (Oceanic Highway Ruins)

The terrain here is challenging. Beware of spikes and other hazards as you progress through the stage.

Both the route and terrain in this stage are challenging. Watch the ghost data and completely familiarize yourself with your route. It’s also important to continually charge your weapon while dashing, and take down the smaller enemies that stand in your way.

Mega Man Zero 3: Hard (Weil’s Research Laboratory)

This is another boss rush stage. Your best bet is to watch the Z Rank and ZZ Rank ghost data’s movements, but Zero also has EX Skills in Mega Man Zero 3! EX Skills pack a punch, so they can help you take down enemies even faster than leveraging their weaknesses.

Mega Man Zero 4: Normal (Hanging Gardens)

The Ice Javelin will keep going for a bit, even if you destroy an enemy with it. How convenient!

For this stage, equip the Ice Javelin EX Skill and use it effectively.

Ice Javelins from charged Buster Shots move at the same speed as Zero when he dashes. If you consciously attack and keep the Ice Javelin in front of you, you can use it as an alternative to your shield. This stage’s boss is weak to ice, so we strongly recommend using this against him.

Mega Man Zero 4: Hard (Teleporter Circuit)

Take a small amount of damage and escape. Think of how to use taking damge to your advantage!

There are several hazards in this stage, so decreasing the time it takes you to reach the boss is important here. Memorizing the terrain and your route will of course be helpful. Another effective method is using the temporary invincibility that comes from taking damage, ignoring enemies’ attacks, and moving forward. If you equip the Body Chip’s Extend skill, this momentary invincibility will last a bit longer, giving you an additional advantage.

Mega Man ZX: Normal (Area H: Amusement Park)

You can’t do long-range attacks, but Model HX sure can move!

In this stage, Model HX’s high-speed movements can come in handy. Model HX also has a special skilled called Plasma Cyclone that can be used to generate tornadoes. This attack gives you an advantage during the boss fight and can help shorten your time in this stage.

Mega Man ZX: Hard (Area L: Research Lab)

There are several instances early in the stage where you’ll need to break containers with your Buster, so we recommend Model FX or Model ZX.

That device on the right side of the screen flips your directional inputs. Make sure to shut it down.

Mid-stage, you’ll encounter an antenna sending out signals. Shut it down by hitting it with a Buster Shot. In particular, blue-colored Jammer Parabolas can scramble your controls, so do what you can to destroy them.

The ghost data uses Model PX, but we strongly recommend Model HX!

When you enter the fourth area of this stage, you’ll find an area rife with spikes. Megamerge with Model HX here. Use dashes and hover skills to clear this area.

Mega Man ZX Advent: Normal (Control Center)

Taking full advantage of the A-Trans feature makes all the difference in this stage.

The ivy in the middle of the screen is important. Time to transform into Rospark!

The S Rank ghost data uses the elevator in this stage, but it’s faster to use A-Trans and transform into Rospark the Floroid to climb up the ivy ahead of the elevator. Ashe climbs the ivy faster than Grey, giving her a slight advantage.

Technique is important in this area. Make use of Buckfire’s abilities here!

Transforming into Buckfire the Gaxelleroid is best for using wall kicks to climb. Rospark the Floroid is effective for taking down the last boss, so take advantage of A-Trans and cut down your overall time.

Mega Man ZX Advent: Hard (Ouroboros)

This is the last boss rush stage in Z Chaser. Unfortunately, all we can say here is, “Good luck!” Use all of the techniques you’ve learned, mimic the Z Rank and ZZ Rank ghost data, and achieve that S Rank finish!

We hope these tidbits for each stage were helpful. Are you ready to unlock and take on the Mega Man Antique stage in Z Chaser? R.O.C.K. On!