Meet the Captivate Community Attendees: Zonic

Mar 28, 2011 // jgonzo

Every year for our Captivate event, we hand select five individuals to join us who have done an outstanding job with the Capcom Community: whether it’s via forum moderation, maintaining a fan website, or something else entirely. 

Today I’ll be introducing the first of five, none other than moderator extraordinaire, Zonic !

Zonic has been on Capcom Unity since 2009. He’s currently one of our main network moderators and does a fantastic job. If you’ve come across him in the forums, you’ll know that he’s pretty reasonable and level-headed and doesn’t make harsh judgements. For his amazing work as a moderator, we decided to invite him as a guest for Captivate, which will be held in Miami, Florida next week!

Now let’s get to know a little bit more about him. Hit the jump for a mini-interview with Zonic!

How did he find out about us? In his own words:

Back in 2009, Capcom dropped a hint for the site tu4ar.com. Interested, I tried to see if I could find more info about it and thus discovered Capcom Unity. I decided to sign up so I could see if I could learn more about the (back then) mysterious site. Over time, I decided to post more since there were more games coming out that I had interest in and I enjoyed talking to people about games I liked. Simply put, Capcom hinting at MvC2 hitting XBLA/PSN was the reason I joined Unity.

And what does he like about Capcom Unity?

Simply put, 3 things. The 1st being that there’s a great variety of stuff to talk about, even if it’s not related to Capcom games. The 2nd thing is the members, as they offer different, but valid, opinions about things, which makes for great discussions. And finally, the fact that our voices are heard, as shown by Ask Capcom, a section dedicated to asking Capcom questions, Dev Room, where we can submit ideas for Mega Man Legends 3, & the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 DLC poll that I did, to show which characters we, the fans, wanted.

What about his favorite Capcom games?

I remember some of my 1st video games were Capcom games that I enjoyed back during my childhood, like Aladdin for the SNES and Ducktales for the Game Boy. Over the years, I became a fan of Mega Man (Classic, X, and Legends), Ace Attorney, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, the 2.5D Bionic Commando games, and Marvel (& Tatsunoko) Vs. Capcom, among others.