Lost Planet 2 – Akrid Enemies: More Bosses than Ever Before

Mar 24, 2010 // Snow

Lost Planet 2 has a lot of variation, from deep character customization , to dozens of different vital suits for crazy mech combat. But once you customize your character with all the fancy guns or get inside one of those powerful vital suits, you’ll have plenty to keep the action going. In fact, one thing Lost Planet 2 does is consistently give you new enemies to fight throughout the game. You won’t see the same baddies over and over again. Instead, the Akrid change with the many environments you’ll be fighting in. You’ll always have something new and alien trying to eat you.

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Akrid can come in small forms, but for the most part, the akrid are a symbol of all things “epic” in the Lost Planet universe. Throughout the six episodes of the game, you’ll find that it constantly seeks to out do itself by giving you a completely different boss fight, all of which generally get bigger.

Turning up the notch in scale is just one part of it. Aside from fighting akrid getting bigger, they also change it up in the way you fight them. Many of which introduce or encourage you to explore new mechanics for taking it down. There is one common theme to all of the akrid, however… Teamwork.

You and your friends will have to change tactics on how you deal with all these akrid as well. For instance, this large ear akrid, the Debouse, doesn’t have eyes. Instead it relies on those large ears and sonic noises it produces to create a type of “radar” that he can use to sense you and your teammates. If he senses movement or noise, he’ll release a supersonic noise that forces your character to cover his ears in agony. Of course, that leaves you vulnerable for his attacks. The trick? When you see him perk up, simply coordinate with your team and stop moving while he scans for you. I should mention that the Debouse travel in pairs, so instead of just one big mean akrid, you’ll have to worry about two. Communication with your team is key.

What about some of the returning akrid? Well, they too have seen some changes. Not only do they look and sound better than ever, they also move and attack differently. Take the Queen Gore Chryatis, for instance (above). You might remember he as one of the end mission bosses of Lost Planet 1. She’s back, but since bosses have gotten much bigger and badder in LP2, she’s considered a mini-boss. Yes, a ten story tall akrid is a “mini” boss battle. To make things even more interesting, unlike when you first met her in LP1, there’s no Vital Suits around to bring her down with. It’s going to take some real teamwork, and a whole lot of bullets to make it on to the next chapter.

The smaller akrid (I say “small” but most are three times your size) are nothing to laugh at. You’ll run into these various small types of akrid along your journey, but they won’t ever make it easy for you. Most can move with lighting speeds, taking you down in an instant before you even have time to realize what happened. Toss their fast attacks into confined dark paths, and a dozen of them to boot… Well, once again you’ll have to work with your team to make it out alive.

You can check out more about the dozens of akrid types on the official Lost Planet 2 website.