Famitsu covers MH4U director’s presence at NYCC 2014

Oct 20, 2014 // Yuri Araujo

New York Comic Con was a total blast for  Monster Hunter  fans. We had a new playable demo, free Felyne pins, daily raffles, and the director of  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate , Mr. Kaname Fujioka, even flew in from Japan to be part of our MH panel and run a few poster signings!

Now how do you know this totally happened and it was 100% legit? Simple: Famitsu covered it!

That’s right, Famitsu , one of the biggest magazines in Japan came to our Monster Hunter panel and Fujioka-san’s poster signing at NYCC. Here are some photos:

A close up shot of the panelists

Not a single empty seat!

MH4U director Fujioka-san signing posters, games and other MH merch

Want him to sign a Gore Magala’s wing? Challenge accepted!

A huuuuuuge line for the poster signing… I think I know that guy in the solid red sweater

Fujioka-san’s intricate and definitely cute autograph. BTW, I saw this photo being taken and can confirm this is Shepard’s 3DS !

Meat Pillow! Now just take a nap on it and your face will be autographed!

Again, our time at NYCC was a blast ! I also wanted to draw attention to the header image. Those onesies were custom made by the community folks at Monster Hunter NYC ; Here’s that same pose from another angle.

Can you tell what all the monsters are?

We are eternally grateful to Fujioka-san for coming to NYCC with us (especially since the MH4G launch was that same weekend!), and to Famitsu for covering the event. Here’s their article, btw .

ALSO! Remember we made some pretty big  MH4U announcements at the MH panel: new equipment designed by Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura and Mega Man Palico gear .