Dragon’s Blogma: Amazing Screenshots from the Pawn Community

Jul 27, 2012 // GregaMan

Have you been using the  Dragon’s Dogma screenshot feature? If you pause the game, you can take a screenshot at virtually any time during play, as long as you’re not fiddling around in menus. The feature not only lets you capture those magic moments on your console hard drive–it also lets you share them online. You can upload them to Twitter or Facebook, or to the infinitely entertaining  Pawn Community website

If you haven’t checked out that site yet, I highly suggest you do. It contains the best Dogma  screenshots taken around the world, and is also a great place to advertise your Main Pawn to get more rents, or just show off how awesome you are at framing and composition. 

The site lets you search Pawn screenshots via a variety of criteria, including class, level, and even gender. It also shows the day’s best screenshots in several categories, like “Fair Maidens” and “Notable Battles.” I, for one, could waste hours sifting through screens, so consider this my wholehearted endorsement. 

Meanwhile, you can check out some hand-picked gems after the jump to further entice and inspire you.