Capcom Recap: 01/20/2018 – 02/02/2018

Feb 03, 2018 // Yuri Araujo

Monster Hunter: World now available to the whole world, street fighters go monster hunting and monster hunters go street fighting, and more!

Monster Hunter: World launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Ryu and Sakura join Monster Hunter: World

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition gets Monster Hunter crossover costumes

Phoenix Wright joins Puzzle Fighter



Monster Hunter: World with Director Kaname Fujioka

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – Playing Against Viewers

Puzzle Fighter – Phoenix Wright Preview

Monster Hunter: World – Horizon Zero Dawn Event Quest


All times listed are Pacific Time:

  • Tuesday , February 6th @  3PM  – Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
  • Wednesday , February 7th @ 2 PM  – Puzzle Fighter
  • Thursday , February 8th @  3PM  – Monster Hunter: World

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Monster Hunter: World ships 5 million units worldwide!

Versions 1.02 (PS4) / (Xbox One) – Day 1 patch and Torch Pods

Versions 1.03 (PS4) / (Xbox One) – Matchmaking and Hunting Horns

Versions 1.04 (PS4) / (Xbox One) – Anjanath and Elderseal


Patrick Kulikowski: Hurray, it’s the weekend, so go take a sit and take a load off by playing some Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and Monster Hunter: World! But not before checking out this fantastic Menat cosplay by @alliecatcos . Master, she really did it! She really rocked this cosplay!

Yuri Araujo: Jbob1390 from the Monster Hunter subreddit sketched up everyone’s new favorite feathered foe, of the venomous variety: Pukei-Pukei. Even if you hate the scatternut + poison cloud combos, you gotta give it up for Jbob1390’s expert crosshatching technique:


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