Update to the Street Fighter V Community License Agreement

May 12, 2022 // Capcom Official

Recently, we published the new Street Fighter V Community License Agreement for both The Americas and EMEA. We acknowledge that we could have handled the situation better.

Our aim was to make the requirements clear and to make approvals for a no-cost license much more expedient. When TOs have contacted the Capcom USA and Capcom Europe teams about running community events with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition in the past, the approval process has been prohibitively longwinded. This is something we are keen to change so TOs have more time to focus on putting on a great event and less time spent on seeking approvals.

We want to thank our passionate fans for the feedback we received after the first version went live. We hear you. Honouring the grassroots tradition of the Street Fighter community is incredibly important to us. To this end, we have updated the Street Fighter V Community License Agreement, taking into account the feedback we received from the community while maintaining our original goal to provide a no-cost license. A summary of the changes is listed below. We have also included a Q&A that we hope makes the rules easier to navigate with further context and insight.

  • Increased prize pool limit from $2,000 to $10,000 per event
  • Removed the yearly $10,000 prize pool limit
  • Increased sponsorship limit from $5,000 to $6,000 per event
  • Increased sponsorship limit from $20,000 to $30,000 per year
  • Changed spectator fee restrictions
  • Changed venue restrictions for bars
  • Removed License Grant-back for video/photo content captured at events

If you plan to host an event which may exceed the scope of the community license (or if you have any questions!), we ask that you please contact esports@capcom.com and we will review your event and license requirements on a one-to-one basis.

To the amazing community of FGC TOs – you are a highly valued part of the Street Fighter ecosystem. You allow less experienced players to both hone their craft and to enjoy fighting games on a multitude of levels. Thank you for being patient with us.

Q: Is Matcherino part of the prize pool or sponsorships?

A: If Matcherino (or another crowd funding platform) is used to fund the prize pool, the funding will be counted toward the prize pool limitations. If you’re unable to cap the prize pool funding and expect to exceed the community license thresholds, contact esports@capcom.com and we will review your event and license requirements on a one-to-one basis.

Q: If I hire a photographer/videographer to capture content for an event, do I need to hand that content over to Capcom?

A: No. That content will be bound by the agreement between you and the talent you hire. There may be times that we see footage from an event that we think would look great on official promotional materials. If that happens, we’ll reach out to you to secure usage permission.

Q: How do I calculate the prizing and sponsorship contributions if my Street Fighter V: Champion Edition tournament is part of a multi-game event?

A: Only the portion of the prize pool that is specifically awarded to participants of the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition portion of your event will count toward the prizing limit.

If the total sponsorship contributions for the whole multi-game event is below $6,000, you can apply for a community license as normal. If it exceeds this limit, contact esports@capcom.com and we will review your event and license requirements on a one-to-one basis.

Q: How much does a commercial esports license cost?

A: If you wish to host esports events which may exceed the scope of the no-cost community license, Capcom will take various factors into consideration in deciding whether to grant a commercial esports license. This includes (but is not limited to) the total prize pool, total sponsorships, brand partnerships, spectator fees and broadcasting platforms. Depending on the scale of the event, the license may require a fee, revenue share, ad space or a combination. Contact esports@capcom.com and we will review your event and license requirements on a one-to-one basis.

Q: So, I can charge spectator fees for my event?

A: Yes, as long as those fees are used to offset event costs.

Q: Why are there sponsorship limits?

A: Capcom understands that TOs need time and resources to run successful community events, and that sponsorship is an effective means to offset event costs. We are happy for events to do this under the community license, and the limits are there to make clear where a smaller-scale community license event ends and a larger-scale esports event requiring a commercial license begins. If your sponsorship exceeds the limit of the community license, please contact esports@capcom.com and we will review your event and license requirements on a one-to-one basis.

Q: Can I stream my event on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming or other streaming platforms?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I run my event at a bar?

A: For the most part, yes, as long as you do not own the bar/establishment and the event is not sponsored by any prohibited brands – including alcohol brands – outlined in Section IV (d).

Q: I run a weekly event with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. Does this mean I have to submit my event details and accept the Street Fighter V Community License Agreement every week?

A: For weekly events like this, accepting the community license once per 12-month period is okay. In the “Additional Notes” part of the submission form, let us know the frequency of your event along with “Prize Pool” and “Sponsorship Contributions” estimates for that 12-month period. And if you ever exceed the community license limits, contact esports@capcom.com and we will review your event and license requirements on a one-to-one basis.

Q: Does the Street Fighter V Community License Agreement apply to other games within the Street Fighter series?

A: At this time, the community license agreement only covers the Street Fighter V series, including Street Fighter V (2016), Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (2018) and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition (2020).

Q: Is the Street Fighter V Community License Agreement now set in stone or will it change?

A: Capcom will continue to monitor community feedback to make sure the license agreement is functioning as intended and not hindering TOs from running community events.

Click here for the Community License


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Digital Event May 2022 Recap

May 10, 2022 // Yuri Araujo

More monsters, more action and more features were revealed in today’s Digital Event. Here’s a recap of the main announcements:

With Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak just over the horizon, more threats to Elgado and the Kingdom start to reveal themselves. Thankful, new hunting techniques and allies will aid you in your journey.

By the way, today’s Digital Event was presented by game director Yoshitake Suzuki so if you want to catch the full presentation in video form, you can watch the archive below. Otherwise, keep on reading for the text recap.

More Monsters

Steel yourselves for a dance of a thousand blades with Seregios. This Flying Wyvern can detach and send razor-sharp scales flying in the direction of its prey… afflicting them with the Bleeding status ailment for a painful death of a thousand cuts.

Bundle up and stay frosty when you face the Aurora Somnacanth, a subspecies that evolved to conjure up chilling breaths and take control of ice.

Magma Almudron trades its signature mud manipulation tricks for molten lava. As usual, keep maximum awareness of your surroundings if you want to survive this hunt.

The Guild is also now able to share more insight on the mystery of Malzeno. Some of its power is derived from the malicious Bloodblight it can inflict on its enemies. Hunters, take extra caution when facing this Elder Dragon and don’t let it bleed you dry…

More Action

With new monsters and subspecies looming on the horizon and returning monsters displaying a more varied set of attacks and tricks, you’ll need to be ready for every possible situation. Introducing the new Switch Skill Swap technique.

In Sunbreak, you’ll be able to assign individual Switch Skills to two groups: Red Swap Scroll and Blue Swap Scroll. This will allow you employ a wider variety of attacks and abilities during your hunts. This will be very handy when hunting multiple monsters in one quest, or if you want to try out a new Switch Skill without giving up an old favorite in the same slot.

For example, when playing Sword & Shield, you would normally have to choose between “Windmill” and “Metsu Shoryugeki”. Now you’ll able to assign “Windmill” to one of the Swap Scrolls and use for safely dispatching a pack of Boggi, then quickly swap to “Metsu Shoryugeki” to counter-attack one of Garangolm’s jump attacks.

Speaking of weapon combat, we’ll be showing off some examples and new tricks you can pull off with each of the 14 weapon types starting next week on May 16th. So make sure you’re following the @MonsterHunter social channels and subscribed to the Monster Hunter YouTube channel to be among the first to see what’s coming up.

More Features

In your journey through Sunbreak, you are not alone!

In addition to the standard selection of single player and multiplayer quests, we’re introducing Follower Quests. This curated selection of quests lets you take on some fearsome monsters with a bit of extra help: familiar faces from Kamura Village and Elgado Outpost.

We’ve already had Hinoa and Minoto join us briefly during Rampage Quests, and we’ve been seeing Dame Fiorayne show off her Sword & Shield skills throughout various teasers… but with Follower Quests, we’ll be able to see them in action throughout an entire hunt! Other characters will be able to join you as well, but we’re keeping the final list under wraps for now.

More Content

Looks like we’re not done talking about guest characters, huh? Everyone’s favorite donut-loving Felyne and self-proclaimed hero, Navirou, is sneaking his way into Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, in the form of a special layered armor costume decked out with fun custom animations and expressions! Look at him!

That’s all for today’s Digital Event. Our confirmed monster tally continues to grow with Malzeno, Lunagaron and Garangolm leading the charge as the fearsome Three Lords. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to launch, on June 30th. In the meantime, check out this quick Garangolm Gameplay video we released last month:

Happy Hunting!


Pre-order Capcom Fighting Collection Now!

Apr 11, 2022 // Andy Wong

Calling all gem-crashing fans, moonlight-loving night warriors, and full metal fighters! Capcom Fighting Collection launches on June 24, and is now available for pre-order on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!

(Quick note: PlayStation 4 pre-orders are only available for physical copies. The game will be available digitally on all platforms at launch.)

For those of you who weren’t already set to put your quarter on the machine, Capcom Fighting Collection features ten different fighting games straight from the arcade, including two Darkstalkers games never before released outside of Japan. Each game also supports online play with rollback netcode, making it easy to put your skills to the test and prove you’re the best around.

Pre-ordering will also get you a combo of bonuses, including 18 music remixes by artists including CAP-JAMS, Knxwledge, Mndsgn, KEIZOmachine!, Olive Oil, and Matt Cab. Plus, exclusive new illustrations by Yuri Kataiwa, SAKUTAMO, Ryuji Higurashi, Tamio, and Chisato Mita are included, featuring various characters from each game in the collection in each artist’s trademark style!

We’ve got more information on all ten games included in Capcom Fighting Collection here. Today, we’re talking about two absolute gems in this collection. It’s all fun and games until someone gets an 8-chain. Puzzled by that one? Well, let’s get you up to speed with…


For many, this game needs no introduction, but for those who aren’t familiar, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo takes familiar faces from Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and a few other Capcom fighting games, and smashes them together in… a puzzle game!

Instead of directly attacking your opponent, you’re dropping gems on a board in an attempt to crush your opponent. When a Crash Gem appears, matching it to the same color will smash all the connected gems of that color as an attack, complete with your chibi-fied character unleashing their own unique moves to match. In classic puzzle game style, the person whose stack reaches the top of the screen will lose the round… and in classic fighting game style, whoever wins two bouts first wins the match! It’s brains over brawn in this one, so you’ll need to carefully position individual gem drops to create even larger gems, use cascading Crash Gems to trigger combos, and send plenty of Counter Gems over to your opponent before they have a chance to retaliate!

Each character has their own pattern of Counter Gems that they send to an opponent, so picking the right character for your strategy is key. Playing against the CPU will also display unique – and typically outlandish – story introductions and endings for each character. Where will Ken’s quest for fortune and fame lead him? Can Felicia make it to the Broadway stage? Will Ryu find the answer in the heart of (puzzle) battle? There’s only one way to find out!

Legend has it that a certain master of Saikyo-style is playable, too, though picking him as your character might have you seeing red.


Love the chibi aesthetic of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, but miss the fighting? You can get the best of both worlds thanks to Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix! Featuring a roster of miniaturized characters returning from Puzzle Fighter as well as a few newcomers, Gem Fighter is a total mix-up of fighting game flair and absurd additions to everything you think you know about head-to-head gameplay.

In traditional fighting game style, you’ll have access to a punch button, a kick button, and a variety of special moves… but that’s where the similarities end. Combos can be executed with a single button or a mix of punches and kicks, allowing you to string together attacks while your character goes through a wild variety of animations and even costume changes!

Each attack that connects with an opponent also sends gems flying around the screen. Picking up gems will power up your special abilities and can have unique effects on moves as well, such as transforming Ryu’s shoryuken into a stunning electric uppercut. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for health-restoring items, orbs you can toss at opponents, and all sorts of Capcom references in character animations, KOs, background elements, and more. With gems flying everywhere, items that can turn a match around, and moves that power up over the course of a match, it’s a game that fighters of all skill levels can enjoy!

Get in on even more arcade action with Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium when it drops on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC later this year! Featuring a variety of old-school classics from the arcade heyday, SonSon, one of Capcom’s earliest games, will be available as a free download when 2nd Stadium launches later this year. Plus, pre-orders and early purchases of Capcom Fighting Collection will get you access to Three Wonders as a bonus game in Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium at launch.

That’s all for now, but if you’re ready to put that quarter on the machine with an “I got next,” be sure to pre-order Capcom Fighting Collection so you’re ready to crush it on June 24th when the 10-game collection drops on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC!


Leave Your Legacy with Street Fighter V’s Definitive Update

Mar 29, 2022 // Andy Wong

Get ready for battle balance changes, new screen filters, tracksuit colors, and CAP-JAMS background tracks, and more!

The time has come to “Rise Up” one last time for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’s Definitive Update. It has been an unforgettable six years with Street Fighter V, complete with a whole host of fan-favorite roster additions, systems changes, and multiple editions of the game. We’re closing out this era of Street Fighter with new battle balance changes, screen filters, tracksuit colors, CAP-JAMS background tracks, and a brand new stage, costumes, and colors for the Capcom Pro Tour 2022!

Patch Notes

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Patch notes for the Definitive Update have been published on the official website. A few highlights include improving Ryu’s mid to long-range capabilities, more versatile combo routes and conversions for Juri, and new moves for Menat and M. Bison. Find out how these changes affect your main by jumping into the game. Perhaps you’ll even find yourself exploring other characters.

But don’t just read our takes on it! Head to the official website for the complete list of balance changes, which are all organized by character for easy viewing: SFV:CE Definitive Edition Patch Notes

New Screen Filters

We’re adding two new filters for your eyes to feast on, especially if you’ve always wondered how Street Fighter V would look with a different art style. The Cel-Shaded Filter brings in a comic-like flair to the battle while the Pixel Filter welcomes back the arcade nostalgia. Both are only available offline to keep things fair in online matches.

New Tracksuit Colors

Stretch out those arms and legs. New tracksuit colors are available for all 45 characters – only purchasable with Fight Money! If you’re a fan of the Capcom Pro Tour, these tracksuit colors will be released for free after each CPT Premier Event for the winning character, so keep an eye out for when these events take place. Once the CPT 2022 ends, all of these tracksuit colors will be released for free! How’s that for a finale?

Capcom Pro Tour Content Returns for 2022

We’re celebrating the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour 2022 with the 2022 Premier Pass! Get brand new – and quite fancy – costumes for Seth, Akira, and M. Bison along with special colors for all 45 characters featuring vibrant swatches of peach and white. Step into the Ring of Arcade stage for a lively celebration of all things Capcom, featuring nods to our various games throughout the years. Also included in the Premier Pass are five exclusive titles, two exclusive fighter profile themes, and 10,000 Fight Money!

The CPT 2022 costumes for Seth, Akira, and M. Bison and the Ring of Arcade stage can also be purchased separately.

CAP-JAMS Background Tracks

Our sound team’s band CAP-JAMS recorded snazzy remixes of each Season 5 character’s themes. Previously, these were only available on the official Street Fighter YouTube channel, but with this update, they can now be set as background battle tracks in-game to offer all the inspiration and energy for each match.

Thank you to all our players throughout Street Fighter V’s past six years! It has been an incredible journey and we couldn’t do it without you. We hope you check out the Definitive Update!  


Exoprimal unleashes a battle of the ages in 2023!

Mar 09, 2022 // Kellen Haney

Teams of five players in futuristic Exosuits clash with swarms of unyielding beasts from the distant past in Exoprimal, a brand-new IP from Capcom!


In the near future, strange occurrences are threatening humanity’s existence. Vortexes are opening in the sky, flooding cities with deadly creatures from the prehistoric era. As raptors cascade from above and Tyrannosaurus Rexes stomp through the streets, it’s up to squads of five brave Exofighters in mechanized combat armor, known as Exosuits, to fight back against the dinosaurs who threaten to push humanity toward extinction.

Exosuits are the last line of defense holding off the ravenous reptiles laying waste to the modern world, and squads will need to make smart choices about what suits they bring into any given situation. Repelling thousands of dinosaurs is no easy task, so you’ll need to make sure your crew is ready for anything… including a potential clash with another team of Exofighters.


In Exoprimal’s primary game mode, Dino Survival, you’ll be competing against a rival squad to complete dynamic objectives. At times, that means tearing through dinosaurs, while at other times that means transporting cargo or protecting a critical point from relentless assaults. You can even receive orders to interfere with the opposing team or take them out directly, so be ready for anything!


Each Exosuit has a specific role in combat that can complement your squad’s tactics. Deadeye keeps a healthy distance while unleashing a hail of destructive force with powerful assault weapons. The melee-range Zephyr carves a path through hordes of smaller dinosaurs. The tank-like Roadblock bears a massive shield to hold off swarms of enemies, while the Witchdoctor ensures allies stay healthy and ready to re-engage. Thanks to the efforts of the Aibius Corporation, Exosuits can be swapped out in the middle of combat, allowing your team to change tactics at a moment’s notice without having to disengage from a fight.


Aibius is also behind the development of Leviathan, an artificial intelligence which is instrumental in predicting where vortexes will open next. Leviathan acts as a navigator, providing constantly evolving objectives throughout each match, and instructing your squad on what your next task will be.


Your elite team will always be outnumbered by massive swarms of dinosaurs, but between the power of Exosuits and Leviathan’s guidance, you’ll be able to slowly piece together what’s going on in the world of Exoprimal. As you play, you’ll unlock narrative elements and story threads that will weave together to provide more insight into this near-future world plagued by dinosaur outbreaks.

Finally, we have an overview of the game directly from the developers – check out the video below for more information on what you can expect from Exoprimal’s battle of the ages.


Interested in becoming an Exofighter? We’ll have more info to share later this year, so be sure to follow @Exoprimal on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all the latest vortex reports and dinosaur forecasts. Get ready to suit up in 2023 when Exoprimal lands on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Steam!

You may become humanity’s greatest hope.


Monster Hunter Rise x CORSAIR Screenshot Competition

Mar 02, 2022 // Yuri Araujo

Want to carve some awesome CORSAIR drops? Show us your best screenshot from Monster Hunter Rise on PC for a chance to win some sweet prizes!


  1. Share your best screenshot (from the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise) on Twitter using #MHRise and #MHShare.
  2. Follow @MonsterHunter on Twitter.


This Contest is open to residents of Europe and North America only.

Only one entry is allowed per person.


We’ll be accepting entries from now until March 7th at 6:00pm GMT / 10:00am PST.


1x MM700 RGB Mat


We’ll select three (3) winners. Entries will be judged based on creativity, inspiration, and uniqueness. NOTE: graphical quality will NOT be factored into our considerations.

Winners will be contacted via Twitter DM from the @MonsterHunter Twitter account, so participants must ensure they can be contacted via this method.


  • You can turn off HUD elements (Options > Game Settings > HUD Settings) to take cleaner screenshots.


Competition Rules: [Monster Hunter Rise x Corsair Screenshot Competition]


It’s official: Street Fighter 6 is on the way!

Feb 21, 2022 // Yuri Araujo


Get ready, Fighters: the future of fighting games is on the way! Today, at the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season Final, we shared a glimpse of what’s on the horizon: Street Fighter 6.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

We know you’re hungry for more details (and we’re just as eager to share them), but we’re gonna have to keep you guessing just a little longer. Look out for more Street Fighter 6 news coming summer 2022.

In the meantime, we have a compilation of 10 classic head-to-head arcade games launching June 24thCapcom Fighting Collection—and one more Battle Balance update hitting Street Fighter V in March 2022.

For the latest news on all Capcom fighting games, stay tuned to @StreetFighter.


Capcom Fighting Collection throws down with a 10 game anthology!

Feb 21, 2022 // Kellen Haney

HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER! It’s time to throw hands, drop gems, cast spells, and crush ‘bots! Capcom Fighting Collection features 10 iconic titles, including two Darkstalkers games never before released in North America! Take on all challengers in online play with rollback netcode for all ten games, and enjoy additional features including a gallery of official art, a music player with hundreds of tracks, and more.

With online play and rollback netcode to ensure a smooth online experience, you can become a World Warrior or a world-wide Vampire Hunter in Ranked, Casual, and Custom online matches across all ten games included in this collection:

Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge
Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire

Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers’ Revenge (First official release in North America)
Vampire Savior 2: The Lord of Vampire (First official release in North America)
Red Earth (First release outside of arcades)
Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness
Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
Hyper Street Fighter II

Show the whole world who the real boss is in Hyper Street Fighter II, pilot your Valiant Armor to victory in Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness, or crash (gem) your way to victory in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo! Balancing a quarter on your TV to say you’ve got next is optional.

A training mode is also included for nearly every game (with the exception of Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo). Sink your claws into a training dummy for practice before going on the prowl in Darkstalkers, or find the perfect combo to dismantle your opponents in Cyberbots. Additional accessibility and quality of life changes are also included for photosensitivity, easy access to hidden characters without needing to enter secret codes, and some small balance changes for certain games.

For those looking for a solo experience, you can enjoy arcade-style gameplay, too. Play through at your own pace to discover character stories, or power up your character as you defeat foes in the RPG-like Red Earth, previously only available in arcades and making its console and PC debut. Maybe you’re looking for something a little less serious? The over-the-top Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix features chibi-style characters that improve their special moves by collecting gems that go flying around the arena with each hit!

A treasure trove of art and music is also included, featuring official art, concept art, design documents, and more than 400 music tracks, all available in this excellent collection that makes it a must-have for any fan of Capcom fighters.

For veterans and new challengers alike, you’ll be able to enjoy all ten games included in Capcom Fighting Collection when it comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on June 24th, 2022!


Welcome to Monster Hunter Rise, now available on Steam

Jan 13, 2022 // Yuri Araujo

The hunt is on! Monster Hunter Rise is now available on PC / Steam!

With new Hunters joining forces to battle the impending Rampage, we wanted to give everyone a quick tour of their new hometown: the peaceful and vibrant village of Kamura!

While the quick tips we’re sharing here will aid you throughout your time in Kamura, there’s even more to discover, so make sure to explore the village and introduce yourself to everyone!

The Buddy Plaza

The Buddy Plaza is an area bustling with activity and useful features! You’ll unlock the Buddy Plaza as soon as you’ve completed the first Training Quest, “Back to Basics”.

Rondine – The Trader

Rondine and her ship, The Argosy, allow you to use your Buddies (Palicos and Palamutes) to go on trading missions to bulk earn you a range of useful items to help you in hunts. You can also trade Kamura Points for specific items!

If you’re wondering what to start trading for first, Honey is a great choice to stock up on as it’ll allow you to create plenty of Mega Potions by combining the Honey with a standard Potion.

Iori – The Buddy Scout

Iori adores Palicos and Palamutes, as such he’s where you want to go when you’re looking to recruit more Buddies!

You can use his scouting feature to search for your ideal Palicos and Palamutes. When deciding who to hire, be sure to look at their skills and info as each buddy is different and brings their own style and abilities to the hunt!

Kogarashi – The Felyne Chief

Kogarashi leads the Meowcenaries, a band of Buddies who can go out on missions to areas you’ve explored! Whilst there, they’ll investigate the area and harvest materials to bring back for you!

To send your Buddies out, simply talk to Kogarashi, select four of your finest and off they’ll go!

After the completion of their research, head back to the Chief to claim your rewards! If you’re lucky they may even bring back rare and unique items…

Shirubei – The Buddy Expert

Shirubei heads up the Buddy Dojo, a useful feature that allows you to train and level-up your Buddies when they aren’t out on hunts with you or participating in other activities.

The higher a Buddies’ level, the more effective they are in combat and Buddy Plaza activities so training them up is worth it!

For a small Kamura Points fee you can train up to six buddies at once. As soon as you start to grow your Buddy pool we recommend sending anyone that’s idle here!

The Training Area

We’ve gone over training your Buddies, so let’s look at a place for you to train!

The Training Area can be found near Rondine in the Buddy Plaza, simply interact with this boat and you’ll arrive there. (Once doing this you can fast travel there in the future!)

The Training Area features a mechanical Toadversary that is perfect for practicing combat! Whether you’re looking to try a new weapon for the first time or hone your skills and combos with an existing one, this is the place to do it in safety.

Bonus Tip: Items and ammo used here aren’t consumed, so go wild!

Gear Crafting – Hamon & Kisaki

This one might seem obvious, but it can be easy to forget your local Blacksmith Hamon and his assistant Kisaki when progressing through quests!

Hamon is the person you’ll want to see when it comes to both forging new armor and weapons, as well as upgrading their strength!

Your starting Kamura armor can only take you so far, so we’d advise making a new set as soon as you start fighting large monsters! The same can be said for your weapons, so make sure to check for upgrades and new weapon trees regularly – especially after fighting a new, large monsters for the first time!

Online Play & Event Quests – Senri the Mailman

Senri the Mailman is a friendly Felyne and vendor who not only allows you to join / create an online multiplayer lobby, but also download free item packs, Event Quests and more! Bonus Tip: Beginners should consider trying out some of the useful armor Senri can give you, like the Guild Cross pieces!

In Monster Hunter Rise there are two main ways to play online with other Hunters. One way is to use the Quest Board within the Gathering Hub to join specific, in-progress quests where the host has issued a Join Request (you can issue these too as a quest host).

The second method is to talk to Senri and select “Play Online”. From there you can search for a lobby to join with other players or create your own!

We hope these quick introductions will help you settle in and make the most of your time in Kamura.

One more bonus tip before we go: keep an eye on our Steam Community page for the latest news and announcements pertaining specifically to the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise.

Happy Hunting!


Introducing the Capcom Creators program!

Jan 04, 2022 // Kellen Haney

Calling all creators! Is your content downright fierce? Are you a master of busting robots and reploids alike? Do thoughts of colorful herbs make you think of how to mix them to be most effective? When you’re falling asleep, do you count monsters instead of sheep? And most importantly, are you passionate about what you create? Of course you are! We’re ready to shout and point you toward the next big step in your journey: Capcom Creators! We’re looking for avid fans and visionaries like you who share your love of Capcom games, be it with video, livestreams, fan art, cosplay, or something else entirely.

Designed to celebrate our vibrant Capcom community and help you grow and connect to one another, content creators for Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, and many more Capcom brands will have access to a plethora of dedicated resources to help them succeed and achieve complete. Global. Saturation. (Or, at least, a wider audience.) Those who are accepted will receive special incentives and regular newsletters with the latest opportunities and news on Capcom games. You’ll also be able to request codes for upcoming games you want to make content for, and will have access to a dedicated, private Discord server to help you connect with fellow creators as well as program managers. Plus, creators also have the chance to receive tailored digital asset packs, and may even receive exclusive care packages with special Capcom merchandise. You may even see your work amplified on Capcom’s social media and video channels, too!

The Capcom Creators program is now accepting applications, and is open to creators based in the United States at this time. Applications are open now, and you can find more details and information on how to apply at creators.capcom.com. For updates on the Capcom Creators program, as well as the latest news on all things Capcom, be sure to follow the Capcom USA Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages!

UPDATE 1/4/22 at 11:10AM PST

We’ve fixed an issue that caused some YouTube channel submissions to not work properly. If you’ve experienced this issue, please try reapplying.


Monster Hunter Rise – Update Ver. 3.7, Event Quests and more

Dec 20, 2021 // Yuri Araujo

Hunters, Monster Hunter Rise update ver. 3.7 is now available for download, featuring a number of bug fixes and setting things up for Event Quests arriving in the coming weeks.

The ver. 3.7 Patch Notes are also live, and you can read them here.

Event Quests will become available for download via Senri the Mailman every week, at the usual time: Fridays 00:00 GMT / Thursdays 04:00pm PST. Here’s what’s in store for the next two weeks:

December 24 (GMT) / December 23 (PST)

  • Quest: “Blazin’ Soul of a Warrior”
  • Objective: Hunt a Magnamalo
  • Locale: Lava Caverns
  • Conditions: HR8 or higher
  • Quest: “Challenge Quest 07”
  • Objective: Slay all monsters (Apex Zinogre, Apex Mizutsune, Apex Diablos)
  • Locale: Infernal Springs
  • Conditions: HR4 or higher, 2 players max.


Also available Dec 24 (GMT) / Dec 23 (PST) are two Special Buddies: look out for Yasu and MHC Palamute! We’re confident they’ll be great additions to any hunting party.

December 31 (GMT) / December 30 (PST)

  • Quest: “Frost Bites”
  • Objective: Hunt all monsters (Lagombi, Barioth, Goss Harag)
  • Locale: Frost Islands
  • Conditions: HR4 or higher
  • Rewards: Orion Set (Hunter Layered Armor)
  • Quest: “Apex Rathalos Emergency”
  • Objective: Slay an Apex Rathalos
  • Locale: Shrine Ruins
  • Conditions: HR8 or above

That wraps up 2021, but stay tuned for more weekly Event Quests in 2022. Happy Holidays, and Happy Hunting!


Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo Screenshot Contest

Dec 02, 2021 // Yuri Araujo

Hunters! Show us your best screenshot from the Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo for a chance to win a cosmetic DLC bundle pack at launch!


  1. Share your best screenshot (from the Monster Hunter Rise PC Demo) on Twitter using #MHRisePC and #MHShare.
  2. Follow @MonsterHunter on Twitter.


This Contest is open to residents of EMEA and Americas only.


We’ll be accepting entries from now until Dec 12 at 4pm GMT / 8am PST.


A Steam key for “Monster Hunter Rise DLC Pack 1” on Steam (non-negotiable), delivered upon release of the Steam version of Monster Hunter Rise (January 12, 2022).

The prize will be delivered via Twitter DM from the @MonsterHunter Twitter account, so participants must ensure they can be contacted via this method.


We’ll select three (3) winners for each of the following categories. Entries will be judged based on creativity, inspiration, and uniqueness. NOTE: graphical quality will NOT be factored into our considerations.

  • Best scenic/nature shot
  • Best action shot
  • Best group shot


  • You can turn off HUD elements (Options > Game Settings > HUD Settings) to take cleaner screenshots.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries per person, so feel free to share as many screenshots as you’d like!


General Capcom Terms & Conditions also apply. Please click here to read them.

Monster Hunter Rise Demo EULA also applies. Please click here to read it.