The monsters of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Volvidon

Jan 03, 2013 // Yuri Araujo

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is coming out soon (this upcoming March), so we wanted to catch you up on what’s new and exciting about this game. In MH3U, you are the Hunter , but what are you hunting? Monsters , of course! Today’s target: the rockin’ and rollin’ Volvidon.

Official name: Volvidon

Type: Fanged Beast

Before we talk about the Volvidon, let’s first talk about its habitat: the Volcano . In the world of Monster Hunter, extreme heat will cause your health to deplete slowly until you pass out, presumably due to dehydration – much like real life. To remedy that, there are Cool Drinks .

When you see the Volvidon, make sure you’re ready to rock , because this beast is certainly ready to roll – in quite the literal sense, actually! With its armadillo-like shell and physique, rolling into a ball shape is no trouble for Volvidon; and with that, it can quickly roll forward, backward and even sideways, depending on where you and your companions are.

Another of Volvidon’s tricks is actually spitting a paralyzing ball that will induce a Paralysis status effect to any of its targets. This is often followed up by one of his various rolling attacks, and you can’t do anything about it if you’re paralyzed; it’s best to be careful then.

Continuing on its rather vulgar habits, the Volvidon will also stretch its tongue at you in an attempt to pull you into hitting distance. And on a nasty closing note, it can also “break wind,” which will prevent victims from eating and drinking in-game items! This includes the much valued Potions and Cool Drinks! The guild may provide you with a Deodorant that neutralizes the stinky effect, but choose wisely when to use it.

That’s all I have on the Volvidon for now. In case you missed last week’s overviews, here are links to the Arzuros  and the Lagombi . Stay tuned for more info on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as we approach its March 2013 release – and remember you can already pre-order your copy it from the Capcom Store .