Presenting Our Townspeople Selections

Jan 14, 2011 // GregaMan

Yes, friends, today is the day! After perusing through more than 3000 submissions, the good people over at the dev team–combined with the input of the North American marketing guys–have selected some  thirty character concepts and seven character quotes to be used in the actual game!

It is my pleasurable duty to present to you our winning selections, completely with staff commentary!


Townspeople Ideas (Type 1)

Japanese Devroom Selections:


1. Name: Houguru

Background: Member of the Digger Rescue Squad, whose job is to come to the aid of diggers whose lives are in danger. New diggers are always sure to check his patrolling schedule before setting out. As a seasoned digging veteran, his prowess is renowned. On his occasional day off, he enjoys going out to the sea for some fishing. 

Quote:  I finally have a day off! I can finally go sea fishing! I hope you’re spending your days off as productively as me!

Staff Comment:  A digger rescue squad? How cool! You’ve got a good eye for this. And the sea fishing trait gives him a bit of a refined feel. (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by: Kobun #295


2. Name: Gurubasu

Background:  A cheerful optimist, Gurubasu loves Teomo and the ruins, and also works as a DJ for Teomo Radio. Many listeners would claim that he talks too much on his radio show, a fact to which he is rather indifferent.

Quote:  This talk makes my hearts painfilled. U can haz it!

Staff Comment:  So the island has a radio station?! There’s something we shouldn’t have overlooked! (Planning Director Ozaki)

Submitted by:  Kobun #3610


3. Name: Bismuth

Background:  After studying like mad and finally claiming his Digger’s license, he misplaced it just before stepping into the ruins. He’s midway through the application process for a reprint. Though serious and hardworking, he’s always had a knack for losing things, and this time he’s taking it pretty hard. 

Quote:  *sigh* Why does this always happen to me? Guess I have no choice but to put straps on everything I own…

Staff Comment:  The idea of finding people’s lost items in random places adds a new layer of depth to the characters! I suppose he’ll probably be stuck shuffling his feet just outside a ruin. (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by:  Kobun #1221


4. Name:  Pink

Background:  Though masculine in appearance, his mannerisms are feminine. Sees something shining in Mega Man. Dreams of one day owning a store where people can sing and dance. He’s a crack shot with his buster arm, and never lets a target get away.

Quote:  Well, aren’t you just a cutie? Come here, and let me give you a big hug!

Staff Comment:  There were actually several submissions like this, but this one got bonus points for the future dream and the buster arm traits! (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by:  Kobun #1329


5. Name: Bolt

Background:  Believing that first-class diggers should use first-class parts, this man used to only use the finest parts, down to the tiniest bolt. But over the years his methods and goals changed, to where now he’s just trying to collect first-class bolts. 

Quote:  That’s a nice bolt you’ve got there. How about it, wanna trade yours for mine?

Staff Comment:  Diggers who expect to return home alive must be meticulous about each and every part they use! (Planning Director Ozaki)

Submitted by:  Kobun #3271



1. Name: Maki

Background:  A fireworks maker. To cover the costs of creating fireworks the likes of which people have never seen, she ventures out on digs. Since she frequently tries to blast her way into places, her friends fear getting involved, lest they get caught in an explosion. Still, there are those radical individuals out there who try to approach her. . . .

Quote:  Baaaaaaaaaabababa-Baboom! Dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyynamitastic!

Staff Comment:  She comes off as individualistic, forceful and determined, which I like! I’d like to see her running around all over town. (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by:  Kobun #92


2. Name: Shiina

Background:  A nineteen-year-old set on becoming a novelist. She sets out on digs so that one day she might have her own novel-worthy adventure, but still hasn’t realized that she’s horribly lacking in writing talent.

Quote:  And then! Out of nowhere, there was a shadow like a Reaverbot’s shadow, and… No… I just can’t finish…

Staff Comment:  “A shadow like a Reaverbot’s shadow”?! These mockable characters are what Legends games are all about. There’s lots of room to expand upon this character–maybe she’ll turn out to actually be a really good digger! (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by:  Kobun #495


3. Name: Weatherin

Background:  A girl whose mood swings depending on the weather report. Ultimately, he begins to exhibit strange behavior, searching for links between the weather report and fortune-telling and the like. Since she’s a digger, she spends almost every day underground in the ruins, so the weather report rarely holds any actual relevance for her.

Quote:  I lost some Zenny, so now, a cold rainfalls on my heart. Ugh, and they said it was supposed to be sunny today!

Staff Comment:  Zenny falls from her pockets like raindrops from the sky. . . . If you pick them up in the game, make sure you deliver them to the police! (Planning Director Ozaki)

Submitted by:  Kobun #89


4. Name: Noro

Background:  She’s peppy! She’s naïve! She’s got a voice like crisp lettuce! She’s got a winning smile! And she’s. . . . kind of lazy, really. This strange juxtaposition of traits comes as a surprise to people just meeting her, but most people are just used to it now.

Quote:  What great weather! But I don’t reallywant to be outside ’cause today’s yetanother great day to catch some z’s!

Staff Comment:  I think the gap between how this description begins and how it ends lends to a good sense of uniqueness! It’s fun trying to imagine what her lifestyle must be like. (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by:  Kobun #92


5. Name: Anju

Background:  Married with two children, she embarks on digs with her husband in order to study the nature of the reaverbots. Her number noe curiosity is in whether or not the reaverbots can breed. She enjoys looking over ruins maps with her children and telling stories from her exploits.

Quote:  Hey, you ever wonder how Reaverbots replicate? Ooh, what I wouldn’t give for a chance to capture it on video!

Staff Comment:  The research theme is an interesting quirk for sure. This description also illustrates her motherly side very well! (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by:  Kobun #833



1. Name: Issei Chidai

Background:  Though desiring to becoming a digger, he has never progressed past the level of newbie, due to his fear of actually entering the ruins, and now he is an old man. Determined to conquer his fear before he dies, he has come to this island to embark on the first and last dig of his life.

Quote:  How long do you think I’ve had my license, boy? But I’ll tell you one thing, image training really works!

Staff Comment:  Those ruins are deeply frightening places, after all. I know how he feels. I wonder what kind of adventure he’ll have on this “first and last dig”. (Planning Director Ozaki)

Submitted by:  Kobun #2046


2. Name: Baxter

Background:  Supplier of protective gear for diggers. Though highly skilled at his craft, he has a habit of overcomplicating his designs. He used to be extremely confident, but he now senses a business crisis and has made it a daily ritual to go for a walk so he can observe young people’s clothes.

Quote:  My clothes are not only functional, but they’re super-fashionable! ‘Cept, kids today can’t seem to appreciate them…

Staff Comment:  Teomo is a digger’s town, so it’s a good idea to try to turn their equipment into a fashion statement! Imagining this guy’s far-out fashion sense gives us lots of room to expand on the concept. (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by:  Kobun #295


3. Name: Bakerly

Background:  A true man about town. And yet, he’s really just a baker. But he’s given off that air of importance ever since he first showed up in town, causing many people to mistake him for a veteran digger. Miraculously, he’s now climbed his way as high up as Vice Mayor of Teomo. There are also recent rumors that he’s lined up for a sizeable inheritance. 

Quote:  I’m a baker! It even says so in my name! …But to be honest, I can’t say what I really am now, you know…?

Staff Comment:  Some people just have that impressive “aura” about them, don’t they? It’s amazing that he’s actually become Vice Mayor because of it, not to mention the fact that he’s still baking! (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by:  Kobun #3814


4. Name: George Nagashi

Background:  Having written such smash hits as “I Dig You, Baby” and “Everything’s Ruined”, George’s crystal-clear countertenor soothes the hearts of other diggers. Height: 7’7″

Quote:  To forget that person/I’ll think deeply/ever so deeply/today. . . /Ah. . . /but we mustn’t forget/the ancients/nay. . . 

Staff Comment:  It’s important to have some kind of therapeutic presence in this town full of gristled diggers! Sounds like he’s singing from personal experience, too. (Planning Director Ozaki)

Submitted by:  Kobun #2080


5. Name: Tesla Converd

Background:  Once an air pirate, he now lives a life of secrecy in order to hide that fact. He is unmoved by air pirate disturbances, and is the only person in the entire town who expresses a positive opinion towards them. In reality, the townspeople are secretly aware of his past but have accepted him anyway.

Quote:  More gunpowder, me mateys! We have to show up the competition!…Hey, why the harsh look, kid?

Staff Comment:  The potential to include other townspeople’s reactions in this concept is very intriguing. I wonder what the Bonnes would think of him. (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by:  Kobun #89


North America Devroom Selections: 


1. Name: Skyler St. Cloud

Background:  Skyler St. Cloud had all the makings of a great Air Pirate. He had the courage, he had the skill, he had the charm, he even had the perfect name. However, one thing stood in the way of Skyler and a life of adventure and infamy: air sickness. Even something as simple as riding on a swingset was enough to send him into a crippling nausea. Because of this fact, Skyler washed out of the Air Pirates within a week. But it’s a week that he constantly boasts about to all of his digger friends, especially the ladies.

Quote:  Glad I found an angel like you here. My stomach couldn’t handle the trip to heaven.

Staff Comment:  I’ve gotta use that line! I feel strangely close to this show-off. Hehe. (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by: Stephen (Servbot #1019)


2. Name: Matt Vagabond

Background:   Matt is easy going and relaxed, perhaps too relaxed since he tends to aimlessly drift through life. He carries this attitude with him into the ruins where he wanders around without a set plan or destination. Despite this he is a very successful digger and he often wonders upon the best artifacts and defeats reaverbots through sheer luck. He once stumbled upon a class S reactor. He was so overjoyed that he entered into a victory dance and accidentally bumped into a control panel which activated a fire trap that incinerated the guardian reaverbot that was about to attack him.

Quote:  Check out this artifact that I just found; I better bring it on up. Hmm, how did I get here again?

Staff Comment:  Skilled but careless, with luck on his side! I wanna hear more anecdotes from this guy. (Planning Director Ozaki)

Submitted by:  Alex (Servbot #54)


3. Name: Magnus

Background:  An average digger, with over-exaggerated tales of his journies through the ruins. He proclaims to have defeated hoards of reaverbots. His accounts of his digs are laughable. He is often seen with girls swooning around him. These impressionable few girls believe he is “the strongest man ever, and so dreamy!” However, most of the citizens are aware he is just a liar. Sometimes he’ll snicker to himself during his stories.

Quote:  One time, I had to fight one million Reaverbots at once! I beat them all with a shovel and both eyes closed!

Staff Comment:  I want to get to work thinking up lies for this guy to tell! I also want to see what these gullible girls are like. (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by:  Austin (Servbot #331)


4. Name: Abe “Hotwire” Frost

Background:  Hotwire was once a proud member of the infamous “Teomo Titans”. Not only was he the group’s mechanic, Hotwire was also an excellent team player who provided good advice on effective use of weaponry. He earned his nickname when he disabled a trap that endangered his team. His quick thinking got them to safety thus earning him his nickname. The group split up over an argument on how to split the spoils after digs. Since then he has only been able to get by on solo digs. Hotwire longs for the days when he can work on a team again.

Quote:  The Teomo Titans were the best around back in the day… I miss going on digs with my old friends.

Staff Comment:  I’ll bet he regrets having that argument now. This idea creates lots of potential for further ideas. (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by:  Megamanmegafan (Servbot #884)


5. Name: Troy Carter

Background:   Troy likes to put on a cool, confident front out in the ruins, but in reality he’s a huge Mama’s Boy.  While his peers are all spending their hard-earned Zenny on standard living expenses, Troy buys lavish gifts for his mother.  Troy is completely unaware that most of his fellow diggers know about this.  He even lives next door to his parents’ house, much to his father’s dismay, but his mother likes having him close by. 

Quote:  Mom’s going to love the bracelet I’m going to buy with… Oh man, I just said that out loud, didn’t I…?

Staff Comment:  Double thumbs up for a character who loves his family. I hope he works hard on his digs so he can buy his mom a nice present! (Planning Director Ozaki)

Submitted by:  Dashe (Servbot #47)



1. Name: Osono

Background:  Kind, compassionate, and a bit brash. Osono’s feisty and somewhat bossy demeanor has molded her into a respectful figure among her fellow Diggers. Coming from a family historically known for their physical strength and guts, she lives up to her name as the best Digger in town. Yet, behind her hardened personality lies a sole vulnerability: the darkness. The best treasures lay in dark corridors; all Diggers know this. However, she won’t set foot in a single Ruin without her trusty hardhat, equipped with a flashlight. Extra batteries are always on hand, too, just to be on the safe side!  

Quote:  I do a hundred sit-ups every morning. My belly’s as hard as a Reaverbot’s hide! C’mon, slug me!

Staff Comment:  A girl with some muscle! And yet she’s still afraid of the dark. This is the kind of dynamism that steals men’s hearts. (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by:  Protodude (Servbot #48)


2. Name: Patricia

Background:  Patricia doesn’t seem to particularly like her job. She spends a good portion of her work hours daydreaming and talking to people. Interestingly, however, her spare time is often spent working. She probably needs a long vacation.

Quote:  Why do I have to work in the stinky old ground all day? I’d rather find sunken treasures in the ocean!

Staff Comment:  She’s probably working too hard! You can feel the stress in her quote. But could it be that she actually likes her work? (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by:  Cleveland Rock (Servbot #194)


3. Name: Novena Castillo

Background:  Novena has been digging since she was ten years old. Her family does not approve of her vocation, but she has an unquenchable thirst for adventure. Novena personally designs most of her excavating equipment, but refuses to use any mechanical body parts. She’s worked hard for years, and has built up a reputation as a competitive Digger. Novena also loves cats, and often brings her pet Sadie along on digs.

Quote:  No metal arms for me! I’m all natural, and I’ll beat you to the ruins!

Staff Comment:  A female digger who insists on using her bare hands?! I’d like to see her in action. (Planning Director Ozaki)

Submitted by:  liquidcross (Servbot #826)


4. Name: Maya

Background:  Maya’s a spunky, hardworking “free spirit,” doing whatever she pleases. She’s always wanted to leave Teomo Town to see other horizons: her father was a legendary digger, so she wants to travel all over the world so that she’ll be well-known, just like him. Because of her complete focus and passion when it comes to digging, however, she lost contact with most of her friends and family. What many don’t know is that Maya loves to paint, too, and paint well she does. Most days, Maya stares out at the sea, sometimes with loneliness in her heart.

Quote:  My dad used to be a great digger. I’m gonna follow in his footsteps and be just as great as he was!

Staff Comment:  Her frequent visits to the seaside give us an extra glimpse into her character, don’t they? (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by:  Mimi (Servbot #x)


5. Name: Katrina

Background:  Katrina is a cat maniac, and has been for as long as she can remember.  As a small child she stumbled across an ancient mechanical cat statue.  So moved by the find, she swore that she would spend her life trying to find more artifacts like it.  Fun fact: Katrina chose her boots because she thinks they look like cat paws from above, and she’s currently wearing a pair of cat ears under helmet.  She thinks she’s been discrete, but all of her fellow diggers are aware.  She’s cute and a hard worker, so no one minds.

Quote:  We’ve got to get back to work right nyao! What’s that, nyao?  Did I say something funny, nyao? Nyao!

Staff Comment:  She’s a cat maniac through and through! It’s almost to the point that she could come off as annoying, but she gets bonus points for being a hard worker. (Map Planner Horiuchi))

Submitted by:  David (Servbot #1568)



1. Name: Mark

Background:  Old man Mark has always lived in Tomeo Cityas far as anyone recalls. Man of a few words,he can always be spotted by the central plaza at leastonce per day. People started to nickname him Tomeo’s”LandMark” because of this.He doesn’t open up to anyone. However, anyone whotalked to him knows that he holds informationabout most of the town, its events and its secrets.

Quote:  People are interesting. You never know what you’ll overhear in town if you actually bother to listen!

Staff Comment:  A living encyclopedia of island history. Be sure to talk to him if you spot him in the game! (Planning Director Ozaki)

Submitted by:  Nightshade (Servbot #621)


2. Name: Acha

Background:  Acha doesn’t talk much, he prefers to spend his time at the park, just sitting and observing. He is grumpy and unresponsive when approached by Trigger. Neither Trigger nor the player knows, but Acha was once a fearsome pirate, and now feels tremendous regret for his past actions.He has a son, but won’t reveal who. He knows Barrell Caskett, but there’s bad blood between them. He spends his days in almost complete silence, hoping that someone, anyone, will give him an opportunity to atone for his actions. His sadness is stifling, and the townspeople take notice.

Quote:  I can’t help you. I can’t help anyone. Why can’t you just leave a tired old man in peace?

Staff Comment:  I’m dying of curiosity about Acha’s past. Must’ve been awfully rambunctious in his air pirate days. (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by:  Kyle (Servbot #1418)


3. Name: Douglas

Background:  A man full of history as well as mystery, Douglas is the son of a digger from Klickelan Island’s early years.  He has his eyes set on a legendary item that his father had learned of and plans to obtain it at any cost.  He can be spotted in the shadows around the digging sites waiting for a chance to put his plan into action. He is not above bribery and has a number of individuals working for him in secret and waiting for orders.

Quote:  A kid like you shouldn’t meddle around in the ruins. Your toys won’t save you from the secrets within.

Staff Comment:  Sounds like a scary, tough old man–a good reflection of the original illustration! I wonder what he’s up to! (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by:  Antumbra (Servbot #1942)


4. Name: Sinclair

Background:  Son of one of the founding fathers of Teomo City, he was born into the excavating business and aided his father in uncovering Klickelan Island’s underground ruins. Over the years he succeeded his father in the business after his passing and maintained unearthing even more. Even though he wanted to be a typical digger in his youth, he found satisfaction in actual “digging” which paved the way for the younger adventurers to explore. Current day, he is not as renowned as his father. Some don’t realize he’s related, but he is content with his life and the island he adores.

Quote:  In all of my days, I have come to consider the depth of the ground as distant as the endless, blue sky.

Staff Comment:  A simple, yet deep quote indeed! I wonder what kind of life he’s led. . . . (Planning Director Ozaki)

Submitted by:  MegaMac (Servbot #695)


5. Name: Clyde

Background:  He is a former merchant who lived a double life as a pirate known as Clyde the Calamity.  However, his name is just an alias.  His real name is something that he had discarded long ago.  Although he was young at the time, he had the reputation as the best gun slinger around these parts.  However, it wasn’t a ferocious foe that got him to give up pirating, but a lovely lady who convinced him to start fresh.  Now, he just likes to gaze out at the sea and to watch the “young folk” practice their sharp shooting skills.

Quote:  The young folk here got lots of spunk! Makes me wish I was still… Uh, erm, ne-never mind. Haha. 

Staff Comment:  I can just picture him shooting reaverbots through the head with his pistol! Badass! (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by: Ryan (Servbot #1624)


Townspeople Lines (Type 2)

Japanese Devroom Selections:


1. Category: Policeman in City Hospital

Quote:  I’m here visiting a boy who’s very sick. In his mind, I’m the hero. 

Staff Comment:  There’s an entire story in this one line! It’s wonderful. (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by: Kobun #1260


2. Category: Old Man on Roof

Quote:  The ol’ ball ‘n chain was crabbing about the leaky roof again, so now I can’t leave this spot. 

Staff Comment: Even in the world of Mega Man Legends, wives are a force to be reckoned with! Ever home has its drama. (Planning Director Ozaki)

Submitted by: Kobun #1838


3. Category: Female Digger at the Wharf

Quote:  I wonder what that pink book is floating in the water. . . . Gee, you seem awful interested.

Staff Comment: Hey! Interested in what?! Don’t be silly, I don’t know what that is! Really! (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by: Kobun #137


4. Category: Female Digger at the Wharf

Quote:  I’ve been looking for seabirds for hours, but I don’t see a single bird swimming out there. [note: actually “Umineko”, literally meaning “sea-cat” but actually meaning black-tailed gull -Greg]

Staff Comment: A girl standing out by the pier, delivering kind of a dimwitted line–I love the juxtaposition! (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by: Kobun #571


North America Devroom Selections:


1. Category: Policeman in City Hospital

Quote: I have to keep an eye on the nurses. W-w-why, you ask? That’s none of your business!

Staff Comment: Those nurses must be pretty good-lookin’! I know how this guy feels. Hehe. (Map Planner Horiuchi)

Submitted by: Orbulon (Servbot #658)


2. Category: Female Digger at the Wharf

Quote: There’s more ruins way out there, I’m sure of it! C’mon, I need a new challenge!

Staff Comment: I like that she’s thinking beyond the boundaries of the town. It seems feasible that the residents of Teomo would venture out to sea in search of riches.  (Text Planner Ito)

Submitted by: liquidcross (Servbot #826)


3. Category: Old Man on Roof

Quote: Go wash your shoes! As long as you’re no my house you live by my rules! I just cleaned this roof!

Staff Comment: You can’t walk around in shoes after he just washed that roof! We were won over by the orneriness of it! 

Submitted by: Antumbra (Servbot #1942)


Phew! That’s a lot! Those of you who got selected, great job! You’ll be awarded 15,000 Unity Points and the special title of “Townspeople Planner”! Those who submitted but weren’t selected, keep those chins up! There were so many good ideas, not all of them could make it in, but there’re more events on the way! 

And now, a word from our director, Eguchi-san!


Thanks to all of you for the submissions! I’d like to comment on each category. First we have your run-of-the-mill Male Diggers. We were looking for submissions that took this plain character archetype and prepared it in a way that was remarkable. In my opinion, this was the most difficult of the three character types to select. The submissions that we did select were ones which had potential to add depth to the game’s world and influence the town we will be creating for this game. Now just shut your eyes for a second. . . can you even imagine taking on a million reaverbots?!

Next we have your Female Diggers. This category seemed like it’d be fun to tinker with but turned out to be rather difficult. I know it’s easy to get distracted by her chest, but thanks for getting past that and submitting tastefully. Everybody’s submissions for this category were full of unexpected quirks and unique ideas, so well done! Personally I liked the one who was married with two children because it gave a good sense of her lifestyle. And I like that she’s interested in the reaverbots’ breeding habits. 

Finally, we have the Mysterious Old Men. I think you’ll agree this was probably the easiest type of character to experiment with. By nature of him being “mysterious”, you can really do whatever you want, right? And indeed, all of these submissions portrayed a geezer reeking of mystery. Will that cowardly old man really being able to embark on his first dig? I hope he can stick it out. Let’s all cheer him on!