Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy comes to your favorite platform beginning April 9th!

Feb 27, 2019 // Kellen Haney

OBJECTION! If it pleases the court, we’d like to present evidence that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is coming to all major platforms on April 9th, 2019! Pre-order now, and get ready for your big day at the defense bench!

Both greenhorns experiencing their first day in court and veterans who can tell the difference between a ladder and a step-ladder will be able to enjoy the early days of Phoenix Wright in this bundle of games, complete with a modern UI and other improvements for current consoles. Everything you know and love about Ace Attorney is here, including the characteristic investigations, courtroom antics, updated autopsy reports, and zany cast of characters that define everything that these games are known for.

The rules are quite a bit different in these courtrooms. Far from your standard jury trial, defense attorneys must conduct their own investigations in the world of Ace Attorney, and a three-day trial system ensures a speedy verdict for the accused. It’s up to you to gather evidence and interrogate witnesses during the investigation phase, then separate the truth from lies and use everything in your arsenal in a court of law! From pressing witnesses for more information, to presenting evidence to dispute statements, you’ll need to use every bit of evidence, testimony, and maybe a bit of bluffing to prove your client’s innocence!

Starting with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, step into the bright blue suit and put on the shiny new attorney’s badge of Phoenix as he takes on his earliest trials, beginning with defending his childhood friend from being falsely accused of murder. Proving the innocence of the hapless Larry Butz is just the beginning, though, as Phoenix begins to uncover a mystery years in the making. With the help of Maya Fey, a spirit medium and Phoenix’s self-assigned assistant, join Phoenix as he goes head-to-head against brutal prosecutors like Miles Edgeworth and Manfred von Karma and learns what it means to be a lawyer.

Taking place several months after the first game, Phoenix Wright: Justice for All sees Phoenix taking on new cases as a rising star among attorneys, even as he comes under attack from the deadly whip of Franziska von Karma. With a prosecutor prodigy attempting to tear him down at every turn in court, Phoenix will need all the help he can get! Fortunately, Phoenix has the power of the new Psyche-Lock system on his side, allowing him to see into people’s hearts and unlock the truth he needs to win the day in court.

The third game in the original trilogy, Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations starts off with a different tone, putting Phoenix in the hot seat of the accused! Taking a leap back in time, step into the shoes of a different attorney: Mia Fey, older sister of Maya Fey and Phoenix’s future boss. Mia’s first case is to defend a young art student by the name of Phoenix Wright in a trial that will set the stage for the rest of the game’s events. Explore the twists and turns of the legal system as you fight to reveal the truth, and unravel a mystery that bridges the gap between the past and present for both Phoenix and the Fey family.

Your day in court is coming soon, but don’t worry – you’ve got the best legal representation on your side with Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy! Coming to all major platforms on April 9 th , pre-order now to ensure you’re all set for your court date!