Get Two Free Insomnia Cookies by Supporting Twitch Streamers During Dragon’s Dogma 2 Launch Weekend!

Mar 21, 2024 // Joseph Bustos

Capcom is partnering with Insomnia Cookies to bring you 2 free classic cookies with any purchase when you support Twitch streamers with subscriptions! From March 22, 2024 starting at 9 AM PST until April 5, 2024 at 3 PM PST. You can claim this offer (valid for qualifying customers only) when you purchase two new Twitch subs and/or gift subs.*

Once the promotion is live, it will be visible in the updated Drops and Rewards page.

How it works

  • The unique code can be redeemed for 2 free classic cookies from Insomnia Cookies with any purchase. Only classic flavors will be available for this offer.
  • Code will work on Insomnia Cookies app or Insomnia Cookies website and users can choose between PICK-UP and DELIVERY from their local Insomnia Cookies bakery. Cannot be redeemed in-store (although you can order on the app and pick up at the store).
  • Users must first add two classic cookies to their cart AND THEN enter the unique promo code at checkout under the “apply a promotion or gift card” section.
  • This offer is valid at any Insomnia Cookies North America locations.
  • The codes expire on 5/1/2024 at 6 AM PST
  • You must be logged in to Insomnia Cookies account to redeem the code. User must first add at least 3 classic cookies to their cart in order to check out to hit “any minimum purchase”. Max discount of $5.90 which covers the cost of two free classic cookies. Free classic cookie offer does not include limited-time flavors. Users must first add two classic cookies to their cart and then enter unique code at checkout to redeem. Cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.

Once you’ve completed the qualifying subscription purchases, a unique offer link will be sent to your Twitch notifications inbox and will be available on the Drops & Rewards Inventory page to redeem.

The following are eligible Twitch subscriptions and gift subscriptions:

  • New monthly subs (any tier)
  • Multi-month subs (3-month, 6-month)
  • Gift subs (any tier for any number of months)

The following are not eligible Twitch subscriptions:

  • Prime subs
  • Existing recurring sub renewals
  • Monthly subscriptions that are re-purchased before they fully expire (you cannot set your sub to cancel then re-sub at a discount before the subscription fully expires)
  • Subs received through Sub Token redemptions
  • Any other product purchases (Bits, Turbo, etc.)


How can I confirm which channels are eligible for the campaign?

All Twitch Partner and Affiliate channels streaming in the Dragon’s Dogma 2 category will have the Support a Streamer campaign enabled unless the creator opts out of the campaign. However, since Insomnia Cookies are only available in the United States, only viewers in the US will be able to view and engage in the campaign. Please note that the stream needs to be live, and a re-run of a Dragon’s Dogma 2 stream would not count.

How do I purchase a subscription on Twitch?

Purchases may be made on either a mobile device or your PC. Detailed information on purchasing subscriptions can be found here, and information on purchasing gift subscriptions can be found here.

How many Twitch subscriptions do I need to purchase? Which Tier(s) are eligible for the campaign?

To qualify for the reward offer, users must purchase two new subscriptions which can be a combination of monthly subs, multi-month subs, or gift subs, as long as the cumulative support is two total subscriptions. The two subscriptions may be purchased at once, or one at a time over the course of the campaign, across multiple participating channels, or done on a single participating channel. Prime subscriptions are not eligible.

Where can I find my campaign rewards once I’ve earned them?

Campaign rewards will be delivered to your Twitch notification inbox once they have been earned. The notification inbox can be found to the right in the top navigation bar on Twitch. The reward will remain there until you delete the message. You can also find earned rewards within the Twitch Drops & Rewards Inventory page.

What should I do if I’m having a problem receiving my reward offer on Twitch?

Campaign reward offer delivery can take up to 24 hours to be sent once earned. You must subscribe to a streamer on the Support a Streamer list while they are online and streaming in the Dragon’s Dogma 2 category to obtain a reward offer. The offer link will remain there until you delete the message after completion of a qualifying purchase. If after waiting 24 hours and verifying that your purchases were made towards a participating streamer that was live streaming you still are facing problems, please contact Twitch Support while logged in.

What should I do if I received my Insomnia Cookies reward code on Twitch, but I’m having a problem redeeming the items on the website?

If you have successfully received your reward redemption code on Twitch and are having problems redeeming reward items on the Insomnia Cookies website, please contact customerservice@insomniacookies.com for questions or support regarding redemption of reward redemption code.