READY? Mega Man 11 is out now!

Oct 02, 2018 // Kellen Haney

The Blue Bomber makes his triumphant return in Mega Man 11! Gear up with a brand-new entry in the storied series, bringing together classic gameplay and the brand-new Double Gear System to help new players out of tricky situations and give experienced players just the edge they need to squash Dr. Wily’s latest scheme. Created by a veteran team at Capcom, Mega Man 11 is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC for $29.99, so go grab a copy and get bustin’!

The year is 20XX. Mega Man has kept up the fight for everlasting peace and ended the evil ambitions of Dr. Wily time and time again, but it seems like the nefarious Doctor still hasn’t given up on his plans for world domination. Remembering his time at Robot University, Wily has come up with a brand new plan using technology he created in his youth: the Double Gear System. Putting his ideas into action, Dr. Wily relies on a tried and true method of villainy: stealing eight Robot Masters from Dr. Light’s laboratory to crush Dr. Light and Mega Man for good.

Ever the hero, Mega Man springs into action and even volunteers to have the volatile Double Gear System installed in his circuits to combat Wily and the eight reprogrammed robots. With new abilities to overpower his Mega Buster and increase his speed to the point where the world around him slows down, Mega Man sets off on his latest adventure to put a stop to Dr. Wily’s sinister ambitions.

From the bright, pyramid-dotted landscape and colorful bricks of Block Man’s stage to the frozen museum that Tundra Man has converted into his own personal ice skating arena, you’ll have your work cut out for you as you dive into the challenging stages, complete with a Robot Master waiting for you at the end of each level. In true Mega Man style, defeating a Robot Master gives you access to their unique weapon, which can give you just the edge you need against other Robot Masters or particularly pesky enemies. From dropping blocks to hurling fireballs, Mega Man’s arsenal grows with each defeated boss ‘bot, and part of the fun is the series’ tradition of figuring out which Robot Master is weak to the weapon of another.

With the addition of the Double Gear System, players of any skill level can enjoy Mega Man’s fun new abilities. Using the Power Gear, you can supercharge each weapon at the press of a button for greater effects and turn even the toughest enemies into piles of scrap metal. The Speed Gear can slow things down to help dodge incoming attacks, or provide a moment to breathe when you’re under fire. The in-game store also makes a return, with Dr. Light, Roll, and Auto converting bolts dropped by enemies or found scattered throughout stages to purchase helpful items like E Tanks to restore your health, extra lives, and unique upgrades that can customize your gameplay.

Even better, there’s a difficulty option for players of all types in Mega Man 11. The Normal difficulty offers the challenge of Mega Man just as you remember it, with tough encounters, tricky platforming, and sturdy bosses hoping to halt your progress. For those who haven’t played a Mega Man game in a while, Casual offers more frequent checkpoints and extra lives, together with adjustments to the difficulty for a more relaxed Mega Man 11 experience. For players who are brand-new to the series and those just learning the ropes of platforming games, Newcomer provides infinite lives, reduced damage from enemies, and even prevents instant death from pits and spikes. Only the most hardcore fans need apply for the most challenging difficulty of all, though. Superhero offers an extreme difficulty spike, increasing the damage that Mega Man takes among a variety of other changes. If you’re going to tackle this ultra-difficult mode, we recommend playing through on Normal at least once first!

No matter how you choose to play, the fun doesn’t end once you’ve finished the main game! Alongside the multiple difficulties to tackle, Challenge Mode offers a plethora of new ways to take on each stage. Classic modes like Time Attack are available to see how fast you can speed through stages, while unique challenges like Balloon Rush remove enemies and task you with bursting balloons scattered throughout each level while going for the fastest time. There are even more unique ways to play, like Buster Breakdown, which challenges players to fire the fewest number of shots possible. There’s even a “Playground” where you can take on unique challenges that aren’t tied to any specific stage! Nearly every Challenge Mode stage has its own leaderboards, so aim to reach the top of the charts and show everyone who the real Robot Master is.

Starting with a surprise reveal of Mega Man 11 as part of Mega Man’s 30 th Anniversary , we’ve spent the last year celebrating three decades of the iconic blue ‘bot, from his many original adventures featured in Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2, to the futuristic world of Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2, and beyond. An incredibly talented, veteran team has worked hard to bring Mega Man 11 to life, and this wouldn’t have happened without the many dedicated fans of Mega Man across the world. On behalf of everyone at Capcom, thank you for supporting our beloved Blue Bomber over the years!

Now settle in with your favorite platform, get playing, and keep fighting – for everlasting peace!