Monster Hunter: World launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, details on day 1 patch revealed

Jan 26, 2018 // Yuri Araujo

“Sisters and brothers of the Fifth Fleet, it’s time.” Monster Hunter: World is finally here! So get your hunting gear ready and set out to brave the dangers of the New World.

But first, some housekeeping; here is some essential info you’ll need for the journey ahead:

Version 1.01 (Day 1 Patch)

This hefty Day 1 patch (approximately 815 MB) includes the access key to the online server, additional languages, a cutscene gallery and every hunter’s favorite pet: the Poogie!

Online and additional systems

  • Multiplayer
  • Event quests
  • Chat functionality
  • Ability to claim rewards from the Housekeeper in your room
  • Gallery Mode added to title menu

Additional text languages
NOTE: Additional text languages vary by region; all versions feature voice and text in Japanese, English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.

  • North America, South America: Brazilian Portuguese
  • Europe, Middle East, Oceania, Africa, India: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian
  • Asia : Traditional Chinese, Korean
  • Japan : no additional text languages

Version 1.02 (PS4) / Version (Xbox One) (Hot Fix)

(Approximately 850 MB)

Bug Fixes

Based on feedback from the Beta tests, we’ve made adjustments to address the issue of excessive hits registering when using certain weapons in combination with items and abilities, such as:

  • Torch Pod (Slinger)
  • Wyvernblast (Light Bowgun)
  • Large Barrel Bomb (Item)
  • Health Booster (Specialized Tool)
  • Shock Trap (Item)


Hunting monsters is hard work and, sometimes, hunters need to unwind. Petting an adorable Poogie is the perfect way to get your mind off those razor-sharp Anjanath fangs that closed on you just moments ago. Pet it (the Poogie, not the Anjanath) the right way and it’ll eventually start warming up to you, even letting you pick it up and take it all over Astera! You might even be rewarded for your kindness…


Claim your rewards

As noted above, this update adds the ability to claim rewards from the Housekeeper. This will be key when getting those sweet pre-order bonuses, digital deluxe items and/or Commendation Packs you’ve earned by playing the Betas on PS4! Here’s how to tackle each scenario:

Pre-Order bonus (Origin Set, Fair Wind Charm):

  1. Download the Pre-order items from the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace.
  2. Launch the game;
  3. Go into your room, in Astera;
  4. Talk to the Housekeeper;
  5. Select “Claim Bonuses”;
  6. Pre-order bonuses will be delivered to your Equipment Box.

Deluxe Edition items (Samurai Set, Face Paint, Haircut):
Items are included in the Digital Deluxe version. Collector’s Edition includes download code. Deluxe Kit also sold separately in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Marketplace.

  1. Download the Deluxe Kit from the PlayStation Store or Xbox Marketplace.
  2. Launch the game;
  3. Go into your room, in Astera;
  4. Talk to the Housekeeper;
  5. Select “Claim Bonuses”;
  6. Deluxe Edition items will be selectable from the “Change Appearance” menu in the Equipment Box in your room.

Beta Rewards (Commendation Packs, Face Paint):
NOTE: PlayStation 4 exclusive. Can only be claimed on ONE character.

  1. Launch the game using the same PlayStation Network ID used to play the Beta;
  2. Go into your room, in Astera;
  3. Talk to the Housekeeper;
  4. Select “Claim Bonuses”;
  5. Items in the Commendation Packs will be sent to your Item Box;
  6. Camouflage Face Paint will be selectable from the “Change Appearance” menu in the Equipment Box in your room.


Deck out your Palico with Horizon Zero Dawn gear
PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Alright, so you’ve got the essential update with online access (and Poogie!) and you’ve got your pre-order, deluxe kit and beta rewards ready to go, now let’s get your Palico some cool gear. So how would you like to turn your furry Felyne companion into a Machine from Horizon Zero Dawn? From January 26 th until February 8 th you can access the first Horizon Zero Dawn tie-in quest from the Event Quest menu. Complete that quest and you’ll earn materials and craft the Watcher equipment for your Palico.

And in just a couple more weeks, from February 28 th until March 5 th , we’ll host the Event Quest that yields materials to craft the Aloy armor set and bow, so you can match your high-tech metal Palico with this special crossover gear!


Share your experience

Sharing is caring… and we care very much that you share your hunting experiences. Our development team has created a world with innumerous possibilities and is open for countless different ways of hunting down monsters. With the PS4 it’s easier than ever to simply hit that Share button and show off your skills and findings, but we also wanted to open the doors up to those who like to put a little extra care into their share: enter the Sharefactory theme update.

This update adds a variety of Monster Hunter: World transitions, backgrounds and stickers for you to spice up your video montages of perfectly-timed monster takedowns, tips & tricks, interesting ecological discoveries, or whatever else you feel like sharing with the rest of the world.


That is all for today’s update. Look out for Monster Hunter: World in retail or online stores worldwide starting now. To those who already got their game, welcome to the New World, stay tuned to this blog for regular updates on Monster Hunter: World, and happy hunting!