Monster Hunter Mondays 4/7 live at 3pm PT

Apr 07, 2014 // Yuri Araujo

UPDATE: click here if you missed the  live part of the live stream… also, get with program! =P

Hey, I know you’re super busy designing a an awesome weapon that could be featured in  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate … but if you wanna hunt some MH3U  monsters today at 3pm PT , we’re totally up for it.

As a matter of fact, we’ll be live streaming the hunts over at  twitch.tv/capcomunity for all to see! And if you have the Wii U version of  Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate , you can find us at  Help D Lobby 10.  See you there!

PS: I know I promised a  MHFU mutiplayer stream, but the necessary hardware is not here right now… Hoping to get it ready for next Monday though.