SF25th Grand Finals Results & Replays

Dec 11, 2012 // haunts

The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Global Tournament Series wrapped up this weekend with the Grand Finals here in Northern California and as expected, was arguably the most intense fighting game tournament of the entire year. With the amount of talent at this tournament, each and every match could have been a grand finals match at any given major. That said, only one can come away as the champion!  

If you missed out on the live stream and want to see how things shook out, hit the jump for the full results and the Capcom Fighters TwitchTV replays. Stay tuned as we’ll be uploading the matches to YouTube along with some other great content from the SF25th Grand Finals! Follow @CapcomFighters on Twitter for more updates.

Also, if you were at the event, post up in the comments and let us know about your experince!

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Street Fighter X Tekken — Results

1. WW|Infiltration (Rolento, Ryu)
2. MCZ|Tokido (Dhalsim, Cody)
3. KS|Sethlolol (Law, Kuma)
4. Yukimura (Ryu, Kazuya)
5. ER|Tatsu (Vega, Xiaoyu)
5. EG|Momochi (Cody, Rufus)
7. AVM|GamerBee (Julia, Jack-X)
7. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus, Chun-Li)

9. Poongko (Ryu, Kazuya)
9. KS|JiBBo (Jin, Sagat)
9. EG|Justin Wong (Rufus, Cody)
9. Combofiend (Julia, Marduk | Others)
13. UYG|NuckleDu (Guile, Zangief)
13. Fuzzy (Cammy, Rolento)
13. Kingstonn (Ryu, Rolento)
13. Alioune (Jack-X, Lili)

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 — Results

1. WW|Infiltration (Akuma)
2. MCZ|Daigo Umehara (Ryu)
3. RZR|Fuudo (Fei Long)
4. MCZ|Tokido (Akuma)
5. AVM|GamerBee (Adon, Yun)
5. AGE|Snake Eyez (Zangief)
7. MCZ|Mago (Fei Long)
7. EG|Momochi (Cody, Akuma)

9. Alioune (Cammy)
9. BT|Dieminion (Guile)
9. RZR|Problem X (Seth)
9. Wolfkrone (C. Viper)
13. EG|fLoE (Guy)
13. EG|Justin Wong (Rufus)
13. AGE|Vangief (Zangief)
13. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)

Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Online Edition — Results

1. MOV (Chun-Li, Ken)
2. MCZ|Tokido (Chun-Li)
3. EG|Momochi (Yun)
4. Mester (Yun)
5. EG|Justin Wong (Chun-Li)
5. Nica KO (Yang)
7. SGE|BOC (Urien)
7. Gunfight (Dudley)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo — Results

1. Damdai (oT. Hawk, oRyu)
2. Afro Legends (Dee Jay, Balrog)
3. John Choi (oSagat, Ryu, Guile)
4. ShotosAllDay (oSagat, Ken, oRyu, Dee Jay)
5. Fuzzy (Ryu, Cammy)
5. MCZ|Tokido (Vega)
7. LLL|Kenpachi (oSagat)
7. WW|Laugh (oSagat, Ken)

Detailed results courtesy of EventHubs .