Disney vs Capcom

Aug 21, 2013 // Chris

Two beloved IPs clash to form one beautifully realized idea…  

Disney and Capcom have a rather splendid history with one another, don’t they? But while most of us haven’t even wiped away those sweet tears of joy brought upon by their current collaboration, DuckTales: Remastered (out now on Steam , PS3 and Wii U), designer Mike V asks why stop there?!

Mike has gone and realized a long dreamt dream and crafted famous Disney princesses into fearsome world warriors. The Chun-Li inspired Cinderella above is probably my favorite (THING OF ALL TIME?!) but you should definitely head over to his website and check out Jasmine, Pocahantas, Rapunzel and more rockin’ their ready stances.

Nala wearing Felicia’s shoes!

Thanks to Alex R. for passing this along.