Capcom Arcade Collection – Fake Box Art Showcase!

Feb 26, 2013 // Chris

See which one of you old school gamers won a Capcom Arcade Collection Fightstick

A week or so ago, we asked Unity users to mock up old and new box art for the Capcom Arcade Cabinet , since, being a digital title, has no physical form to speak of. But that’s where you guys came to the table, in order to win a beatass, Unity exclusive CAC Mad Catz Stick.

Ain’t she purdy?! We made ’em just for you (not for sale)

We asked you to come up with your own custom box art for CAC and/or Black Tiger, 1943 and Avengers, and you certainly delivered. We encourage you to check out all of the picturesque entries , which we’ve collected here in a handy gallery , because they’re pretty hilarious. We’ll also post some of our favorites blow, but now, ON TO THE WINNERS CIRCLE

Griffin – Gotta love it when someone goes to the trouble of hand drawing something in these days of Photoshop and CG magic. And that’s exactly what Griffen did with his entry for Black Tiger:

And he did it one better with a mock up for the Nintendo 64, which only got a scant handful of Capcom games.

Wesley – Everyone loves a good Photoshop job, but you’ve really gotta stand in awe of one you can’t quite tell whether or not it’s real. Just look at these NES-styled box jobs!

Again, I actually checked around the office to see if we actually published these titles on the original Nintendo. Tricking an NES lovin’ fool like me should be reason enough to win a prize. Look at that coffee stain!

Douglas – If we were judging the contest on the volume of submissions, Dougy would of won this award hands-down. We wanted to keep a Wild Card Winner position open in order to encourage folks who don’t know from art to participate in the contest, and the more crude these submissions got, the harder I laughed.

Mashing up 1943 with a forgetten Star Wars N64 game is nothing short of a stroke of brilliance, and of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt to appeal to the Disney dork among your esteemed judges.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all who entered! If you didn’t take home a stick, FEAR NOT! We hope to do a couple more of these contests for future Capcom Arcade Cabinet releases. Speaking of which, did you check out our CAC Launch Day Livestream?!

Here are some more of our favorites, but make sure to check out our CAC Fake Box Art gallery if you love old school Capcom games and are in the mood for a hearty chuckle.

Artist: Blake

Artist: Metalhart

Artist: Moot

Artist: HazardMan

Artist: Shiiro

Artist: Moot

Artist: Douglas

Artist: Job