Resident Evil 20th Anniversary – The Evolution of Wesker

Jun 02, 2016 // Tim

The Resident Evil series hosts some of the most unforgettable and beloved video game characters ever. The cast of tough-as-nails survivors is matched by equally nasty villains, including the persistent Nemesis and vengeful William Birkin. Standing above all those classic RE antagonists is the calm, collected, and conniving Albert Wesker. To show our love for this cop-turned-public enemy, we created a video chronicling Wesker’s evolution throughout the series.

With the upcoming PS4 and Xbox One release of Resident Evil 5 , now is the perfect time to reflect on this game’s main villain. This video serves as a top-level rundown of Wesker’s virus-enhanced storyline throughout the core RE games. We also take time to comment on changes to Wesker’s signature black outfit over the years (fun fact: the sunglasses are almost always involved).

* Spoiler Warning : This video doesn’t hold back about important story details from multiple Resident Evil games*

For more on the 20th Anniversary of Resident Evil, check out our recent developer interview  which covers everything from the classic PlayStation originals, RE 5, and briefly touches on the RE 2 remake.If you can’t get enough Wesker in your life, check out the Upgrade Pack for Umbrella Corps which lets your mercenary wear a special Wesker mask.