RE 20th Anniversary Video – RE Revelations Devs Look To The Past And Future

May 18, 2016 // Tim

This week’s trip back down Survival Horror Lane for the 20th Anniversary of Resident Evil features a double dose from the Capcom development team in Japan. The fourth developer interview video in our ongoing video series features Michiteru Okabe, producer on titles such as RE Revelations 2, along with Yasuhiro Anpo, director of RE 5 and RE Revelations 1 & 2 whose roots go as far back as programming for RE 1 and RE 2.

For this entry in the RE 20th Anniversary developer interview series, Anpo-san and Okabe-san offer insight into the development of the RE Revelations titles. The two discuss how this series was created with the fans in mind, enabling them to focus on beloved characters and experiment with gameplay. Anpo-san and Okabe-san also discuss the future of the Revelations series, which fans will be interested in hearing about.

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