Patch Notes for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – December 5 Update

Nov 16, 2017 // Andy Wong

We have a patch coming for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite that brings a large amount of balance changes to certain characters and Infinity Stones. Continue on to read the patch notes for the update on December 5.


  • Reality Stone Infinity Surge
    • Increased start-up from 8F to 20F
    • Decreased active frames from 120F to 90F
    • Increased projectile speed
    • Projectile now disappears if player is hit
    • Lengthened time needed for the projectile to start homing
    • Gradually reduced hit stun on block from startup – max. of 12F to min. of 6F
      • Made it easier to reflect with Advancing Guard immediately after start-up
  • Can roll forward/backwards after crumpling
    • Crumple – A unique form of knockdown that affects a character upon landing on the ground after being hit in the air by certain moves (i.e. Hadoken)
  • Space Infinity Storm
    • Decreased duration when activated at 50% from 10 sec. to 8 sec.
    • Decreased duration when activated at 100% from 20 sec. to 16 sec.
  • Fixed bug causing the minimum value to become 16 when damage scaling, etc. causes the anti-recovery value to be reduced to 0.
    • Fixes issue where combos become easier after damage scaling is maxed out.
  • When piercing-projectile specials are cancelled out, their hitboxes now remain, but opponents are not affected by hit stun.
    • Exceptions
      • Arthur (wearing Golden Armor): Short Sword, Spear, Torch, Boomerang, Axe
      • Chris: Magnum Shot, Magnum
      • Thor: Mjolnir
  • Changed Advancing Guard so that if a player is in block animation continuously for 300F from the first blocked hit, using advancing guard on a projectile will push the opponent away.
  • Off the Ground (OTG) Relaunch Attacks:
    • Changed so that OTG relaunch attacks (attacks that ignore opponent’s knocked down state and damage them as if they are standing) are limited to twice within a single combo (excluding Hyper Combos)
    • Affected moves:
      • Dante: Volcano, Drive
      • Thanos: Titan Charge HP
      • Jedah: Turbine dell’Ira LK/HK
      • Captain America: Trick Shield LK
      • Strider Hiryu: Formation B: Shoot
      • Frank: How to Use HP (includes air version)
      • Zero: Hyouretsuzan
      • Nova: Nova Punch
      • Spencer: Bionic Bomber LK/HK
      • Dormammu: Purification LP/LK/HP/HK
      • Arthur: Torch
  • Made input buffer for normal moves possible during post mid-air recovery.
  • Changed minimum value of gravity for air block (whiff) to match that of falling from a normal jump.
  • Changed so that jump count is not reset after Wall Jump
    • Affected characters:
      • Chun-Li
      • Strider Hiryu
  • Fixed a bug that caused the shadow’s hitbox to remain for the duration of the hitstun if the character takes damage with long hitstun while using a shadow attack. Also fixed bug that caused the shadow to put out an incorrect hitbox when hit by an opponent’s throw or attack throw while shadow is activated.
    • Affected characters:
      • Gamora
      • Zero
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain characters to go off-screen when performing Wall Cling while captured by the Space Stone and the opponent retreats to the opposite wall.
    • Affected characters:
      • Firebrand
      • Black Panther
  • Fixed a bug that caused background music to stop when too many special effects overlap.
  • Fixed a bug that caused matches to end in a draw regardless of actual result when Fight Request is ON in Training Mode, and a shortcut is used to Restart during the frames before the “Here Comes a New Challenger” message appears.
  • Made it easier for players ranked 5 th and above to match with other players.
  • When an opponent has been hit by three special “grab” projectiles in a single combo, they will automatically be affected by a spiral hit stun, causing them to be invincible and sent into the air.
    • Affected characters:
      • Spider-Man: Web Ball (LP/HP/air version)
      • Frank West – Hammer Throw (LK/HK)
    • Fixed a bug that allowed such combos to be continued by hitting the opponent with attack throws (ex: Jedah’s Sangue Sacrificale)



  • JHP: Reduced hit box size and increased hurt box size
  • Encephalo Ray: Removed invincibility


  • JHP: Second hit is now HIGH
  • JHK: Third hit is now HIGH
  • Ground Shoot & Slash (LK/HK): Fixed bug causing it to have throw invincibility during certain times.
  • Slash Rush: Invincibility ends 1F before attack start-up


  • Titan Shield LK:
    • Hit window decreased from 6F to 3F
    • Increased move recovery by 5F
  • Final Judgment: Removed projectile damage box so that this attack is not cancelled out by certain projectiles like beams.

Captain Marvel

  • Binary Ignition: Fixed a bug that caused health to decrease during grab sequence and damage animation.


  • Decreased health from 10,000 to 9,000
  • When transitioning into these moves, Dante will no longer turn to face the opponent:
    • Million Stabs
    • Million Stabs (Quick)
    • Drive
    • Volcano (During Million Stab)
    • Prop Shredder
    • Revolver
    • Million Carats
    • Crazy Dance
    • Twister
    • Jam Session
    • Bee Hive
  • 5LP: Increased hurt box size
  • Raise Flag (6LP)
    • Increased hurt box size
    • Decreased active frames from 4F to 3F
  • 5HP:
    • Increased start-up from 12F to 13F
    • Decreased active frames from 3F to 2F
  • 2HP:
    • Increased hurt box size
    • Decreased active frames from 4F to 3F
  • Jump LP:
    • Increased hurt box size
  • Reverse Edge (J6LP): Increased hurt box size
  • Jump HK:
    • Initial damage scaling decreased from 100% to 90%
    • Increased attack start-up from 14F to 15F
    • Reduced horizontal reach
    • Changed hitboxes so that they gradually increase in size, rather than instantly appearing at full size
  • Normal throw (both forward/back): Knockdown duration decreased from 30F to 20F
  • Air throw (both forward/back): Lowered floating on ground bounce
  • Million Stabs:
    • Damage decreased from 1560 to 800
    • Meter gain first hit decreased from 200 to 100 (except for last hit)
  • Drive: Decreased damage from 1410 to 900
  • Rain Storm (J2HK): Can only be activated in the air once
  • Prop Shredder: Decreased damage from 1120 to 850
  • Revolver:
    • Damage (5 hits) decreased from 1590 to 960
    • Meter gain per hit decreased from 300 to 200 (excluding last hit)
  • Jet Storm:
    • Slowed down rush speed
    • Decreased damage from 1560 to 1150
    • Reduced hit box size
    • Increased hurt box size
  • Crazy Dance:
    • Decreased damage from 1925 to 1176
    • Increased hurt box size
    • Scaling on hit stun decay 100% to 98%
  • Twister: Reduced width of hit box
  • Tempest:
    • Reduced width of hit box
    • Increased recovery by 9F
    • Meter gain first hit decreased from 200 to 100
  • Bee Hive:
    • Decreased damage from 2290 to 1239
    • Meter gain first hit decreased from 200 to 100
  • Hammer:
    • Decreased damage from 900 to 700
    • Reduced hit box size
    • Increased hurt box size
    • Added 9F of landing recovery
  • Volcano: Decreased damage from 1000 to 800
  • Killer Bee: Decreased damage from 1100 to 900
  • Million Dollars: Delayed start of attack after black screen by 10F
  • Devil Trigger: Fixed a bug that caused health recovery during grab sequence and damage animation.

Captain America

  • Unyielding Justice: Allowed Active Switch after attack finishes.

Strider Hiryu

  • Gram (LP/HP/air LP/air HP): Changed knockdown time from 60F to 20F
  • Vajra (LP/LK/HP/HK): Changed command input priority to lowest setting
  • Leaping Kick: Increased unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 24


  • Tenshokyaku (LK/HK/air version): From 1F onwards, has mid-air hit box


  • Tornado (LP/HP): Disappears if Firebrand takes damage

Chris Redfield

  • Gun Fire LP (includes air version): Increased damage from 960 to 1140
  • Gun Fire HP (includes air version): Increased damage from 952 to 1072
  • Magnum Shot (includes air version), Magnum (used in Combination Punch):
    • Increased damage from 1200 to 1500
    • Projectile does not disappear even if cancelled out
    • Gains 3 bullets when auto-reloading after emptying ammo
  • Grenade Toss LK: Increased damage from 700 to 1000
  • Grenade Toss HK:
    • Increased explosion damage from 300 to 700
    • Increased flames damage first hit from 100 to 150
  • Shotgun (used after Combination Punch): Increased damage from 500 to 600
  • Grenade Launcher: Increased damage from 3200 to 3250

Frank West

  • Tools of Survival Lv3 (LP/includes air version): Decreased meter gain (8 hits) from 1600 to 1150
  • Giant Swing (HK): Decreased meter gain first hit (excluding last hit) from 500 to 200
  • JLP (Lv1-3), JHP (Lv3): Fixed a bug that caused Frank to stay suspended when mashing one of these moves after cancelling into one of them from a move that causes Frank to be suspended in air.
  • Giant Swing (LK/HK): Fixed a bug that caused the zombie’s action not to be cancelled when hit by Thor’s Mighty Punish while performing Giant Swing.

Doctor Strange

  • Flames of the Faltine: Fixed a bug that caused all Flames to disappear when there are 2 or more on screen, and one is cancelled out.
  • Eye of Agamotto: Increased unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 24.


  • Youdantotsu (6LP): Reduced hit stun
  • Hadangeki (HP): Decreased meter gain on first hit from 800 to 400
  • Ryuenjin (LP/HP): Decreased active invincibility from 4F to 2F
  • Raijinshou: Decreased invincibility from 9F after black screen to 1F


  • Super Nova: Changed unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 255 on all hits except the last.

Ghost Rider

  • Neutral HP: Changed knockback direction
  • Hellfire (HK, Charged): Changed unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 30 on first 3 hits.
  • Spirit of Vengeance:
    • Increased unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 50 during rushdown
    • Increased unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 255 on 1 st hit with additional input of LP+HP
    • Increased unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 60 on 1 st hit with additional input of LK+HK


  • Shock Value (6LK):
    • Increased hit stop on projectile throw from 0F to 6F


  • Hand Bomb (LK): Revised an issue caused during situations such as being reflected by Advancing Guard where the bomb would not be affected by gravity and fly off the screen.


  • 5HP: Changed so that the attack will activate when other projectiles hit
  • 2HP: Decreased active frames from 20F to 10F
  • Liberation (D2, C1): Decreased meter gain from 100 to 30
  • Liberation (C3/Thorns):
    • Unrecoverable hit stun value decreased from 40 to 24
    • Duration decreased from 180F to 101F
    • Disappears when Dormammu takes damage
    • Meter gain first hit decreased from 300 to 100
  • Stalking Flare:
    • Hit window decreased from 4F to 2F
    • Increased unrecoverable hit stun value from 16 to 24
    • Dark Dimension: Removed hit box that was around Dormammu’s back


  • Overload Laser (6HP): Fixed bug causing invisible hit box to remain when cancelling the move on startup.

Monster Hunter

  • Draw Slash (H): Removed OTG property
  • Dodge: Fixed bug that caused Monster Hunter to dodge in the opposite direction of what was input after certain situations like hitting an opponent who is in the air with Draw Slash at close range, etc.

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