Okamiden Chibiterasu Plushie is Stuffed with Cuteness

Jul 01, 2010 // Snow

Okamiden is loaded with cuteness, and now you can get that cuteness in real life in the form of a hug pillow. Japan has announced a new Chibiterasu plushie coming in October. It’s a decent size plush, at about 45cm. They’re available for pre-order on the e-Capcom online store in Japan for 5,040¥ (about $50). Not a bad price for a near life size Chibiterasu!

The plushie is about the size it would be in real life, and is almost identical to the in game model, right down to the little star on his butt. 

See more of the cuteness overload photos here , and head to the e-Capcom Japan Online Store here