The Weapons of Monster Hunter Tri: Bowgun

Apr 14, 2010 // jgonzo

I’m not exactly the Monster Hunter Tri expert here on the community side of things (that would be Snow , but he’s in Hawaii right now, so you got me! yay!), but we definitely have some mods on board that know their stuff! Here to help me out with today’s featured Monster Hunter Tri weapon, the bowgun, is MH forum mod Bastion :

Bowguns are an extremely versatile weapon in Tri. Most people see it and think, oh, thats just a support weapon, but the truth is really far from that. Bowguns can pump out an insane amount of damage, all from a distance, keeping a nice safety cushion between you and the monsters attacks.

Veterans of the series will be delighted to hear that in Tri, bowguns now add a 4th slot to your inventory, made to hold your ammo so as to not clog up your bag space. And now with the addition of new shots like the slicing shot, fatigue shot and wyvern fire shots, bowguns are looking to be one of my favorite weapons

Thanks Bastion!

And don’t forget to join me, and Monster Hunter players of all experiences, next week when we launch Tri!