Lost Planet 2 Launch Event in LA May 6th: Tourny, Shirts, and Plushies for all!

May 05, 2010 // Snow

You might have heard of this little thing we’re doing in LA this Thursday, May 6th… The launch party for Lost Planet 2 ! It’s going to be one heck of a night. Aside from Olivia Munn being there, here’s what we have planned:

– Make your own t-shirt. See those images up top? Well those are just examples of what you can do. You get to pick the color of your shirt, color of ink, and what akrid is on the shirt! And they’ll make it right in front of you.

– Akrid Skeeball. Yea, Akrid Skeeball. Aside from tossing balls into a giant akrid, you get a chance to win one of those gigantic carnival sized (3 feet) salamander plushies. (concept image on the right)

– Kill Big for Charity Tournament. You should know all about Kill Big for Charity by now, and this tournament will determine where our $25,000 donation goes to. The winning team gets to choose which part of Music for Relief it all gets donated to!

– Plushies for all! We have a very special piece of swag for this event, plushies for everyone! Well, probably almost everyone. There’s hundreds of plushies just for the event, so get there early!

– Play the game early. Um… Yea, you get to play Lost Planet 2 early, duh.

– Olivia Munn will be hosting! You get to be within 5 feet of freakin’ Olivia Munn!

Come to this event! The party starts at 8:00pm on May 6th at the Roosevelt Hotel, 7000 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA.

See you there!