Ironbeard’s Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting: Diablos

Feb 26, 2010 // Snow

There are dozens of new monsters in Monster Hunter Tri, but a couple have returned. One such is the Diablos. Now, this isn’t the Diablos as you know him from the previous Monster Hunters. He’s looks about the same, just loads more detail. But the vast majority of his attacks are brand new. With the improved ecosystem in Monster Hunter Tri, he even interacts with the world around him. 

Diablos: Wyverns feared as desert tyrants. Extremely territorial, Diablos attack invaders with blind aggression. Highly sensitive to sound, perhaps because they frequently travel beneath the sand. Know to feed on cacti. 

Here’s some tips from hunters who’ve encountered the mighty Diablos.

Ironbeard: “The Diablos is one terrible creature! He’ll burrow in the sand and wait fer ya to come near. When ya think he’s not ’round, he’ll burst from the sand like a demon! Stash up on sonic bombs to give ‘im a taste of his own medicine, HA HA!”

Jgonzo:   “As a bowgun user, you’re going to have to bring friends. This sucker’s got a mean charge that will instantly hunt you down. Use your victims (friends) as bait as you use paralyze and poison to bring the beast down. If you’re feeling particularly friendly with your bowgun, bring healing munitions to help out your friends as they deal massive damage with their weapons.”

Gerald:   “When Diablos burrows, don’t stop running! Be careful when he stops while burrowed. ‘It’s a trap!'”

Snow:   “Like the Diablos you pro hunters might remember, his horns are breakable and his tail can be cut. He’s weakest against ice elemental weapons, so if you’ve made any from the Barrioth (who I’ll talk about soon), that’s your best bet. Let him charge you, but dodge so he get’s his horns stuck in the rocky cliffs of the desert.”

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