Ironbeard’s Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting: Gigginox

Feb 17, 2010 // Snow

Alright, on to Ironbeard’s Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting! The world of Monster Hunter can be a rough place. To help you prepare for your trip we’re pulling some info and tips out of Ironbeard’s guide about the monsters you should be ready to hunt. 

To kick off the unveiling of new monsters we present to you the Gigginox! The Gigginox is a strange beast, with a pale white body, red markings on it’s underbelly and wing bottoms, and purple markings that luminesce in the darkness. They’re commonly found in the caves of the Tundra area, waiting for prey by hanging on the ceiling in the black. Using extra senses, they track potential prey by detecting their body heat. Once the Gigginox attacks it stuns the prey and poisons it, and let’s it slowly freeze in cold depths of the caves. 

To make matters a little more challenging, this Wyvern is extremely fertile, laying innumerable amounts of eggs. The purple egg sacks it lays will continuously release larvae, called Giggi. They usually swarm anything they can sink their teeth into, so beware! If a Giggi latches to you it will leech your blood, converting it into deadly toxins. But bring a torch with you into the caves to ward them off, as they’re sensitive to light and heat. 

Here’s some tips from hunters who’ve come across this ferocious animal:

Ironbeard: “Don’t let the icy wind of the harsh Tundra scare ya’ hunters. There’s far worse things in the cold black of the deep. Gigginox will sense a wee hunter like yerself long b’fore ya even know she’s watchin’! A witted hunter would bring a friend to help, should ye be caught in the terrible maw of the Gigginox!” 

Gerald: “Be careful when the Gigginox is hanging on the ceiling, otherwise it’ll suck you up and posion you. Gigginox = Khezu’s cousin”

Snow: “Bring a torch. Bring antidotes. Bring friends. If you don’t, you’ll be taking a ride on the kitty cart.” 

Tune in later this week for more monsters and tips from Ironbeard’s Dangerous Guide to Monster Hunting.