Hot Capcom Games at CES

Jan 04, 2010 // Snow
We’re getting ready to head out to Vegas for CES, and we’re bring lots of new stuff with us to show off. Here’s some of the new things you should be expecting! 
– Super Street Fighter IV – With all the characters we’ve announced so far
– Lost Planet 2 – First hands on 4 Player co-op battling the new Akrid X from episode 2
– Dark Void on PC – Loaded with Nvidia specific effects and 3D making Dark Void look hotter than ever
– Mega Man 10 – Uh, hello! It’s freakin’ Mega Man 10!
– Final Fight/Magic Sword – The first hands on with Final Fight Double Impact
– Monster Hunter Tri – Real Hunting, awesome co-op, and epic monsters
– Tatsunoko VS Capcom – Play the final build of TvC 
– MotoGP – Check out MotoGPs brand new Career Mode
– Ace Attorney Investigations – The first two cases are available for investigating! 
We’re also having a SSFIV Community Night / Fight Club, which you can sign up for right here . See you in Vegas!