Lost Planet 2 Boss Profile: Red Eye

Dec 03, 2009 // Snow

In Episode 3 of Lost Planet 2 you’ll be fighting one of the biggest akrid you will have seen up until that point in the game (and yes, you will see larger akrid than him). Much like the Green Eye of Lost Planet 1, his sides are lined with eye-spots that serve as weak points. But he’s easily five times the size of the Green Eye, if not bigger! His mouth alone is nearly the size of the rest of his body, and being that Episode 3 involves trains, it’s a scary feeling seeing this guy chase you knowing he can swallow the whole train in one gulp. 

And like all akrid, he’s pretty intent on eating you. Just this time if you get swallowed, you won’t have a chance come out like you do with the Gordiant. So there’s some simple tactics to prevent getting nommed, like shooting off some of the trains cargo to fill his mouth with exploding barrels, or just filling his mouth full of rockets. 

More screens and details on this Category G boss after the jump!

Once the Red Eye realizes you won’t be eaten without a fight, he’ll start using some other tactics to soften you up and distract you while he tries to swallow you whole. First, he’ll come up along side the train and start launching various pods of doom upon you and the train. The types of pods he launches range from giant exploding spike covered bombs, to pods encasing mini akrid that will track you down while you’re trying to survive on the train. And after launching these, he’ll bash his whole body into the train trying to derail you. 

What makes all his attacks even more menacing is the effect they have on the trains engine. All the effort in trying to keep up the high speeds of of the cargo and being slammed into can cause the train to over heat, which means you have to run into the engine’s main room below and pump coolant to prevent the whole train catching on fire. 

Just how do you get rid of this freaking huge akrid? Well, if you missed it, you can read up on weapon your train has . It’s essentially the biggest cannon you’ll ever see, with shells the size of a man. The cannon is so big, in fact, that it takes the team work of all four of you and your buddies to operate efficiently. 

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